Pictures upon my Wall

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Everyone has a secrete no one else knows. Eventually you'll forget until something reminds you again. Hopefully I won't be reminded again.

Submitted: March 16, 2013

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Submitted: March 16, 2013



Pictures upon my wall, tell me a secrete, tell me all. Remind me of what I forget, remind me of what I regrete. Tell me of the time I was with my friends. Show me my first dance. Let me not forget my first crush. See how I've grown up.

Over the years, I've taken photos of everyone who has made a difference in my life one way or another. I know one day, everything my camera has captured will fade away; but with my photos I'll rememeber much more.

How I love to ponder about the pictures upon my wall. I'm forced to smile when I look at these photos. Feeling blessed to have such amazing memories. I look aat these photos every night before I fall asleep.

Tonight, as I do every night, I was gazing on my pictures upon my wall. Only tonight, a specific photo has caught my attention. It was a picture of me along with other fimilar faces. However, in the corner it was completely torn, ovious someone was once there. Only who, I couldn't bring myself to remember.

I went over the day of the photo again and again trying to remember who was stading behind me and what they had done to be torn out of the photo. Finally my stomach started turning, it was becoming harder to breathe and my eyes started to water, I knew who was once in that torn photo. Just remembering that monster brought back pure fear in my life. What he did, I'll never forget. The thought of him ever coming back, will forever haunt me.

When I had torn him out of my picture, I ripped him out of my life. Just as I once forgot he was standing behind me in the photo, I will forget again. Maybe one day, everything he did will slip my mind as well. The fact, no one knows what he did, will make it that much easier to forget.

The secretes, upon my wall, no one knows at all. So pictures upon my wall, tell me a secrete, tell me all.

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