What Kept me Around

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I had a boyfriend who helped me through so much and never showed any weakness. I'll do anything for him, I love him.

Submitted: March 15, 2013

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Submitted: March 15, 2013



As the days once passed,
nothing ever seemed to last.
Everything good turned to grey,
and quickly faded away.
All alone I would be,
no one else, just me.
In my room, i'd just cry and cry,
just waiting to die.
I had no clue how to deal,
nothing in the world seemed real.
But that day I saw you,
I knew it had to be true.
Your my anchor to the ground,
you make me want to stick around.
You helped me in so many ways,
I could never repay.
I was dead inside,
but you helped me back to life.
We've always been friends,
and we will be until the end.
But I never once thought,
you'd be hurting a lot.
I pictured you so brave and strong,
oh how was I wrong.
You were so vurnerable,
it was terrible.
That day you started to cry broke my heart,
it just eat me apart,
knowing there was nothing I could do
but stay there with you.
But ill help you too,
whatever it is, ill do.
If I have to scream and shout,
I'll help you out.
Even if our relationship goes no where,
for you ill always care.
I promise. (;

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