You killed me..So Ill Repay you

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About all girl whom moved into a house and a girl whom died in the very same house.

Submitted: August 20, 2010

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Submitted: August 20, 2010



"You know the old house on the corner of hinderson St?" A girl asked her group of friends on their way to school "Yea..why?" Her friends asked curiously "I heard that a girl named Riley was found dead under her bed in that house" The girl stated. "We've heard of it too in chain mail don't be scared them are always fake they never work" Her friends said to calm their friends nerves down. "Yea your exactly right I just wonder why no one moves in that old house." her friends looked at eachother and strugged "There is someone moving in there..A girl named Francheska Crumpet" The girl started to giggle "Thats a weird name poor girl" Her and her friends continued walking to school disapearing around the corner.

"Mom? Where are you?" Francheska asked while walking through her new house "Mom!?" Francheska went into her mom's room and as she looked around she glanced at her mom's bed and saw a girl under it. Francheska gasped and jumped back she closed her eyes and when she opened them again the girl was gone. She spun around and bumped into her mom she screamed and fell to the floor. "Whoa OK?" Her mom monica asked nicely "Yes just jumpy this house is old and it scares me..the rumers don't help that fear much..its got me seeing things" Francheska said with a laugh. "Oh dear what rumers?" Monica asked curiously "That a girl died here..its rediculas I know..Can we swich rooms?" Francheska asked as she looked at her mom's room again. "I thought you wanted the bigger room?" Monica asked "Changed my mind.." Francheska said with a smile. "Alright...we can swich rooms" Monica said as she walked to the kitchen to make dinner.

Two weeks later.

"Your the new girl right?" A tall guy with goku type hair asked "Uh..Yea..Who are you?" Francheska asked. "I'm Hagen..Is it true that you live in the old house on the corner of hinderson St.? Hagen asked. "Yes..why?" Francheska asked. Hagen took out his phone and showed Francheska a picture message. "This message was sent to me five minutes before they found her.."

\"\"I was just murdered and hidden under my bed, He cut my everywhere and then drowned me in pure cold water. COME FIND ME Tehehehehe"

"But how do you know she was seriously dead and not preteneding..Look at her she looks like she is alive does she not?" Francheska asked in a shakey voice. "Five minutes after I got this text my dad received a phone call stating that she was dead..she was my girlfriend even if this was a joke she would not be one to pull something like this off.." Hagen looked at her and saw her expression go from worried to sad. "I'm so sorry to hear that..I know you won't want to hear this or you'll think I'm insane but...I saw her in my mom's room three weeks ago..I swiched her rooms because that freaked me out.." Francheska looked at him in hopes he would believe her..any sane person would say she was crazy and be on their way but he was different. "No..Your not insane..maybe she wants help" Hagen said while looking at Francheska seriously. "Help with what? finding her killer?" Francheska asked with a cunfused look on her face. "Yes" Hagen said, Francheska thought about it and then said "Alright..Ill help you.." Hagen took Francheska's phone and took a picture of himself and programed his number into her cell phone, He then smiled and walked away.

That night (3:00 A.m)

Francheka felt cold and wet so she woke up out of her sleep and saw her room was filled with pure cold water. She looked around and then foucused on the end of her bed, Her face turned to terror when she saw a hand slowly come out of the water and grab her bed frame, and slowly followed the head of a girl, The girl slowly climbed on the bed and worked her way to Francheska's face. "He killed me" The girl said in a very scarey voice. Francheska's phone whipped open and opened Hagens picture the screen cracked and froze on his picture. Francheska looked back and saw the girl and the water had all disapeared.

The next day at school.

Francheska avoided Hagen all day, Because of what happened last night she was way to scared to face him today. "Why are you avoiding me?" Hagen asked frustratedly. "Hagen..Did you kill her?" francheska asked seriously "What? NO! Why would you even think something like that?" Hagen said with a laugh. "Yea..I guess your right..that was a pretty stupid question.." Francheska said weirdly. "Can I come over tonight?" Hagen asked "No..we are not unpacked yet its a total mess in that house.." Francheska said nervously. "Alright..Some other time then.." Hagen said while walking away, Francheska sighed with relief. She didn't trust him and she would find out the truth slowly.

Four months later.

"Soo can I come over tonight?" Hagen asked "Sure" Francheska said with a sweet smile. "Really no excuses?" Hagen asked in surprise "No not this time" Francheska said with a laugh. "Alright good..see you at eight." Hagen said as he nodded his head and walked away. "Got you right where I want you" Francheska said in a whisper.

Eight O'clock.

Knock Knock Knock.

Francheska opened the door and saw Hagen standing there on the front porch smiling "Hey" Hagen said handsomely. "Welcome..My mom is out on a date so she will not be back to ruin or barge in on our research about Riley." Francheska said. "Great..So have you seen her latley?" Hagen asked. Francheska passed by a mirror and for a split second she was Riley the dead girl "No" Francheska said with a grin. "Can I see your room?" Hagen asked with a smile "Yes" Francheska answered.

Francheska and Hagen entered the room and sat on Francheska's bed, Hagen slowly kissed Francheska and slowly layed her down. They made out for five minutes and Francheska rolled over on top of him. She reached down her thigh and pulled out a knife, She slowly raised her hand while she kissed him. She then stopped kissing him and lifted her head, Before he could open his eyes she quickly slashed his stomach four times.

"Ahh! Ow! What the hell!? Hagen yelled as he pushed Francheska to the floor. "You killed me Hagen..So ill repay" Francheska said in a scary voice "Riley?" Hagen said in a frightened voice. "You killed me" Riley said as her face turned pale. "I didn't mean too!" Hagen jumped up and ran. Every door slammed shut, all but the bathroom. Hagen didn't think twice and ran into the bathroom and slammed the door shut and locked it. He saw the tub and jumped into it he instantly felt cold because to notice the pure cold water in it.

"I'm sorry! Please leave me alone! Riley I'm so sorry!" Hagen yelled and then closed his eyes and when he opened them he saw Rileys head coming out of the water. "Oh my god NO!" Hagen looked at his body when he felt sudden pain every where on his body and he saw his skin cutting open. He looked up and saw Rileys face in his and he screamed, She disapeared and then reapeared behind him pulling him under the water. He struggled but his life drained from his body and he fell limp taking his last breathe in which filled his lungs with water. Riley dragged him to Francheska's room and hid him under the bed, she then wrote a suiside note.


I am sorry but I just can't go on living after I killed Hagen, Never forget me mom. I love you,


Riley layed on the bed and slit Francheska's wrists she quickly left Francheska's body to make her feel all the pain. Francheska's mom came home and found the two bodys she called nine one one in terror. The cops left it as a murder suiside for that is what it looked like it was left a secret and the public never knew what truly happened. People still recieve picture texts from Riley's phone and it frightens then so bad that they hurry up and send it to get it off of there screen.

Christina and her friends were walking down a street and were stopped by a scarey looking girl. "I'm Riley could you point me the way to Hinderson?" Riley asked. "Uh..Yes its one street over..thats where were going..." Christina and her friends said in scared voices. Riley walked down the street without say another word to them and the girls decided to take the longer way to avoid this scary girl. Riley stopped in front of the house on the corner of Hinderson she walked up to the porch and disapeared into the house. Christina showed her friends the outside of the house and they continued walking down the pathway. Christina glanced up to the bathroom and she saw a girl grinning in the window she closed her eyes and then opened them back up and saw that the girl was gone.

The End

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