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A story about a guy named Andrew who never appericated his life until his dead sister's ghost appears in his living room. She wants him to join her in death and Andrew considers her offer. When he realizes his life is too previous to waste, her sister's ghost begins to fume. What does he do now?

Submitted: October 27, 2007

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Submitted: October 27, 2007



Andrew Colombus gently shut the car door, reviewing how his day went. For he had just come home from a birthday party one of his friends was having. Thank God I didn’t drink there, he thought. Yes, Andrew did tend to lose himself at parties and what not; if he had had one drink, about six more would follow. It was very dark outside, almost midnight. Andrew loved this time of day, or rather needed this time of day. This is when his day actually begun. Considering Andrew was a full-time college student and was at his parent’s house most of the time, the time of night was the only moments he had to himself. He walked up to his door, but paused and searched in his jeans pockets for his keys. After a short time, he became frustrated and turned the knob just to see if the door would open. To his surprise, it did.

I must have forgotten to lock it again, Andrew concluded. The door knob was as cold as winter’s snow, but Andrew assumed it was the chilly midnight breeze. Even when Andrew switched on the lights, his petite house still had a dim look. He sighed as he turned on the T.V. and went to the kitchen. He grabbed a beer from inside the refrigerator and collapsed on the sofa. An old football game was playing, just as Andrew wanted. He opened his beer and lay there, sipping away, forgetting his misery. Apparently this was the only way Andrew could forget everything he disliked about his life. The loss of his older sister Eva at the age of five due to a car accident, before Andrew himself was born. The fact that his parents were ever so miserly about it, even until this day. The fact that Andrew had no other siblings to share his feelings with. The fact that his girlfriend Claire might be cheating on him; Andrew had been less dedicated to their relationship ever since he began college.

Andrew slowly started to get tired, his eyes getting harder to open and close. He decided to give in, taking the remote and turned off the T.V. He let his eyes rest, and his whole body rather. That’s when the air dropped some temperature, causing Andrew to wake up shivering. He sat up and looked around, even though there was nothing to search for. He stood and walked over to the air-conditioner. It was not turned on, leaving Andrew clueless as to why it had gotten so cold. He heard a slight whispering noise filling the room. Andrew’s pulse rate increased as his heart began thumping.

"Obey thee, thy will enter eradication," whispered a diaphanous, effete voice.

Andrew’s body was violently shaking from the sudden low, impotent whisper. He very well knew not a soul lived in the apartment but himself. Had his girlfriend Claire decided to play a cruel joke on him? No way. He turned around and around, listening for the voice. Am I hearing things? Gosh, I only had one beer, thought Andrew. The room instantly filled with icy, deathly air, causing Andrew to crash on the floor. He hugged himself tightly, and his thoughts were caught in a maelstrom. He lifted his head, for a sheer light caught his now dried out eyes. He squinted and blinked his eyes, attempting to observe the light shining in the room. The light took the form of a minuscule, short human. Andrew used all his energy to crookedly stand up. Before his horrified eyes stood a mostly transparent, blurry image of a young five-year-old girl.

"Andrew...," began the holograph, ghost.

Strangely Andrew knew exactly who she was, that scared him even more than he already was. "E-Eva," Andrew managed to peep out in an almost whispered tone. His eyes were wide open, his face was as pale as a sheet, and he was still shaking from fear. His very own dead, five-year-olds, older sister was standing in front of him, in his humble living room. Andrew’s mind was lost in a labyrinth and it seemed that he just had to wait for it to find its way back to Andrew to help him. But it looks like Andrew just had Andrew this time. He began to feel fait and light headed as his vision started to blur.

"Hello, dear brother Andrew Colombus. How long has it been? Twenty-one years?" Eva’s ghost began to chuckle. A scratchy, high-pitched, cracked laugh. It made Andrew’s stomach turn, and he wanted to puke. He was clueless as to what to tell her next. Was he supposed to have a little chat planned out with his dead sister just in case she decided to suddenly pop up one day?

"W-what-how...uh-hi," Andrew struggled to say, every nerve in his body was acting up. He could hardly see her at all, but he analyzed her large cerulean eyes, her little pointed nose, and her curved, dark lips all planted on her pale heart-shaped face. Her shoulder-length hair was stringy and looked unclean, yet it had a ravishing shade of chocolate brown with naturally strands of an amber shade. She’s beautiful, thought Andrew. How is she my sister? We look nothing alike! Andrew indeed looked rather monotonous compared to Eva. All he had was plain, short dark brown hair with regular dark brown eyes. He seemed to be tall and pale, very much like Eva, but that was all.

"Obey thee, thy will enter eradication," Eva repeated in her cold deadly voice. "I’m sorry but...what do you mean?" Andrew was embarrassed to ask.

Eva’s ghost turned around at the room, rotating her head to each side of the room, as if she was inspecting it for some particular reason. "Pitiful," she sneered.

"Excuse me?" Andrew replied, confusing. Is she judging my apartment?

"You very well heard me, Andrew, pitiful," Eva answered, absolutely no tone to her voice. It slightly freaked Andrew. This whole situation was freaking Andrew rather.

"Are you talking about my apartment?" Andrew hesitated to ask after a short silence.

A smile spread across her face as she giggled. Andrew’s heart was moved as he thought, She’s just so amazingly cute, if only she stayed alive. She would’ve been gorgeous by now and could’ve been there for me at times. "No, fool. This life, I mean. I feel it is pathetic, hopeless, full of vain and scorn. Which reminds me why I payed you my little visit tonight...,"

Andrew felt the dreadful heart thumps once again. He was completely bewildered and aghast at her response. Andrew had no idea as to what she would say next, the only thing he could do was wait for her to ramble on about something that would terrify Andrew much more than he already was.

"Come back with me, Andrew," Eva declared very seriously.

"What?!?" Andrew called out.

"It’s a choice you won’t regret. Life in the grave is far more different from this, as you may say, stupid life. This isn’t worth living for anymore, people starving, dying, natural disasters, the thought that you could die any second of any day. It is not worth it. But down there below your feet, in my world, you can actually, as you may call it, rest in peace. You can actually have no stress and aches and pains over anything and do whatever your heart desires at your own free will. Oh Andrew, you’ve been alone all these years when you could’ve joined me. Just imagine the joy and glory of that," Eva explained eagerly.

Andrew did not answer her right away. Is she crazy? Mental? He thought. He had to let what Eva said all seep into his head before he can give an acceptable answer.

"Eva, I’m not going to...," His sentence trailed off. "Commit suicide." He finished after taking a deep breath.

"No need to. I can simply do it for you. There’s no difficulty to it, you know," she suggested.

Andrew took a few steps back with his eyes widened. "N-NO!" He immediately yelled back. Just then he remembered it was past midnight, not the best time to shout. "I’m sorry, but I like my life and I’m not going to kill myself or give you permission to kill me, thank you very much," He answered her flatly.

Eva’s small jaw tightened, she obviously did not get the answer she required.

"Andrew, are you seriously going to refuse my precious offer? What do you like about life so much? Mother and father, those depressed, useless loons? College, which your currently failing and dreading? That sluggish Claire, which you don’t even speak of her anymore? Don’t you see? You are wasting your time here. I guarantee you when you escort me back to my world, you will not have to go through this," She shot back.

"How do you know those things?" Andrew shot back.

"I’ve been watching you, Andrew."

Andrew ignored her and thought about the negative things Eva just bought to his attention. What did he like about his life so much? He tried to come up with a positive factor included in his life to get back at Eva, but couldn’t. She’s right, my life is...pointless, he concluded sadly. Yet Andrew had a fear for death, he certainly did not want to accept Eva’s "precious offer". He suddenly thought of a perfect statement to answer Eva.

"What a minute, if you are my older sister, then why are you convincing to die? That’s not very sister-like," Andrew mentioned.

"Exactly! I am being sister-like, and I am caring for you. I’m trying to help you, save you. I want you to come with me, and we’ll be together forever. I am doing the best thing anything anyone could’ve done for you in your life!" She exclaimed.

Andrew shook his head impatiently, he couldn’t hear anymore more of this. "I’ll tell you what, I’ll think about it tonight and come back tomorrow and we’ll talk more, Okay?" Andrew affirmed impatiently.

Eva’s face darkened at first, and then she looked at him with warning eyes. "Fine, brother Andrew, you have a deal. I will be sure to arrive here again tomorrow. Think wisely and very hard, Andrew, it might be your only night to do so anyway." Eva acknowledged and with that, she started to fade and blur until her ghost entirely disappeared from Andrew’s view.

That night Andrew did not sleep because of the fear that Eva might unawarely take his soul. Yet he sat at his desk, concentrating at Eva’s points. What do you like about life so much? Mother and father, those depressed, useless loons? College, which your currently failing and dreading? That sluggish Claire, which you don’t even speak of her anymore, Was all that echoed over and over again in Andrews’s head. He imagined that he had joined the world of Death with Eva, would he feel better? Andrew scrutinized his feelings and thoughts for the next six and a half hours, which past by slower than ever.

* * *

The next morning, he looked like a zombie; his eyes had serious dark circles under them and he was not functioning right. He proceeded to the bathroom to wash up for his morning class. Before he had gotten dressed, he had fortuitously collided into two doors.

Andrew stumbled onto the campus of Harvenyerd University, his vision causing him dizziness. Everything that happened the pervious night was still perfectly fresh in mind. After his morning finished, he paced to the cafeteria. After he found an empty table, he sat down and rested his head on the chilly surface of the table. He intended to catch some more sleep, yet the sound of approaching footsteps interrupted his nap. He lifted his head to see Claire sitting down beside him, smiling. Andrew quickly fixed his posture and smiled back, inside he was skeptical.

"Hey Andrew," Claire said nervously.

"Uh- hi Claire. ‘Sup?" Andrew answered, intentionally making the tone of his voice sound confused.

"Ok well, I’ve have thinking about us these days, and I realized our relationship is dying. But I don’t want us to break up and I miss how we used to be- a real couple. So I wanted to bring things back the way they were before. Do you want to hang out after class, maybe the movies or something?"

Andrew did not expect that. Instantly he remembered Eva’s dead voice- That sluggish Claire, which you don’t even speak of her anymore? But Claire wanted them to be impassioned again, that meant he could prove Eva wrong! Even prove himself wrong. He decided this was an offer he could not afford to pass up.

"Claire, wow, I always felt the same too. Sorry that I never talked to you about it, I’ve been...caught up in a few things. Claire, I’d love to take you to the movies and start over again," Andrew told her, meaning every word he said.

"Really? Yes!" She cried happily and leaned in, planting a kiss on his lips. Then she mentioned that she had a class beginning at the moment and walked away, exiting the cafeteria. An enormous amount of confidence emerged inside him, as if ready to burst out of him. How could I have thought about suicide? I’m going to stay on this Earth until God takes me out of it himself. That Eva’s going to get it..., Andrew thought fiercely.

Later that day, Andrew came home to his lonely apartment and crashed on the sofa. Only this time, he did not feel miserable, tired, and lonely like he always have. He had something inside of him that made him feel great and powerful.

Then Andrew decided to do something he thought he never would have done in his life before. He reached for the telephone sitting on the end table next to the sofa and dialed his mother and father’s household number. Andrew arranged that he was going to come over for dinner tomorrow. He leaned back and turned on the TV, for he was going to relax and enjoy the rest of the day.

* * *

Andrew brushed his teeth and slipped into a loose tank top and boxers. He was planning on properly sleeping this night, unlike the previous one. He suddenly felt the temperature drop again, but he expected it. He was not afraid this time.

The misty ghost of Eva Colombus reappeared, only is his bedroom this time. Andrew stood his ground.

"Obey thee, thy will enter eradication,"

"Whatever that means, no!" Andrew stated. "I happened to like my life, I appreciate it now and I’m sorry but you cannot convince me to go with you," Andrew confirmed.

A choleric expression grew on her face as she slowly began to near Andrew. "You selfish little fool! Don’t you see what’s happening? You don’t know how you are hurting me Andrew!" She screamed, and Andrew was taking steps back and she continued to near him.

"Andrew, you are coming down with me or I will drag you there the slow, painful, miserable way," Eva threatened angrily.

"So that’s it, isn’t it? You’re angry because you weren’t taken out of this life! You are sad because you didn’t get to experience the things I experienced, or anyone else. You were so young when you died and the thoughts about it and still torturing you. I know you don’t like being dead, Eva, face it. That’s why you’re so desperate to drag me down with you. Well sorry to burst your bubble but I’ll never go with you, EVER!" Andrew bellowed.

Eva lunged at him with all her might, Andrew jumped to the side, dodging her. He sat up and as he took deep breaths, the lamp that was sitting on his end table came soaring through the air, aiming at Andrew. He rolled away quickly and the lamp crashed into the floor. Even better, now she controls objects, thought Andrew. He struggled to get up.

"Andrew! You will not get away from me!" She hissed as a heavy, and hardcovered book flew in his direction. He dodged the book and stood up. He made a run for the living room, and he felt her pacing after him.

As he grabbed the coffee table and tried to breathe, he remembered the most important thing that he should have thought of before Eva arrived. How on Earth do I get rid of her? You can’t kill a spirit, can you? Abruptly, a small vase jolted on Andrew’s head. He screamed of pain and his hands shot up to where the vase hit him. He glanced on his fingers, noticing a few dots of blood. The shattered pieces of the vase were lying on the right side of himself. He slowly stood up, carefully trying not to step on a piece.

"That was my GRANDMOTHER’S!" Andrew roared, for he had officially "snapped".

Eva giggled her little evil giggle and continued to approach him. Andrew dashed into the kitchen, thinking very hard and quickly. Andrew tried to remember what people did to wipe out ghosts in movies and television shows. He rubbed the bleeding cut on his head, and it certainly wasn’t the time to be bleeding. A solution finally came to him as he remembered a specific show he used to watch. The man would make a circle of salt to trap the spirit inside!?

Andrew eyed the salt shaker and grabbed it. He looked up and Eva was standing at the doorway of the kitchen, smirking. "Oh Andrew, you think your going to get rid of me with salt? You believe those foolish myths? Come, brother, stop wasting your time. Let’s get this over with," Eva said and then darted at Andrew. He ran out of her way and ran around the table as she followed him. Andrew exited the kitchen and quickly poured a line of salt, trapping her inside the kitchen. Eva launched for Andrew so quickly that as she attempted to exit the kitchen, it looked as if she bounced off an invisible wall. She looked down and saw the salt, looking as angrier than ever.

"You pathetic, mad beast! LET ME OUT!" She bellowed.

Luckily, Andrew remembered the last part of getting rid of evil spirits. Read the bible to them aloud. He raced to his room and opened the drawer next to his bed. He grasped the small bible and zoomed back to the entrance of the kitchen.

Eva’s eyes widened as he opened the Holy book. "You wouldn’t...," she said. Andrew looked up at her as a smirk was playing around his mouth. "I would."

He began to read aloud and Eva’s face began to wince with pain. "Andrew, no! No!" She called out, yet he ignored her and continued to read. "NO! ANDREW, STOP! AHH1" She cried with pain, covering her ears. It was no use, for she extended her yelling and cries of vain. Its working, Andrew thought happily.

He read at least two complete pages before Eva couldn’t take it anymore. Andrew looked up and saw her ghost fade and shatter. "NO!" She bellowed, and with that she was gone, hopefully for good.

After a few minutes of taking in everything that had happened, he swept up salt and the broken vase. Then he strolled into the bathroom and nursed the cut on his head. If anyone asked him how he had gotten that cut, boy would he have a story to tell.

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