The Battle for Xars-Venynx

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this was an assignment for english class. since i havent posted anything in a reallllllllly long time, i thought i should post this. enjoy =)

Submitted: October 19, 2008

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Submitted: October 19, 2008



The Battle for Xars-Venynx

It was a rainy, grey afternoon when Maya was walking home from school, alone as always. She did not know whether she was just not the social type or that nobody liked her, but Maya had always been alone ever since she entered high school. Even though she hated it, she has been adjusting. She pulled her hood over her head in disgust. She hated rain and everything about it. The way it made everything look gloomy, the way everything became wet and disgusting, and the way the bottom of her jeans became soaked and muddy.

Maya sighed and tried to walk as fast as she could to the bus stop. Suddenly she tripped and yelped as she fell on her behind. She stood up angrily and turned around to see what she tripped over. Oddly, there was a small scroll case sitting on the mucky ground in front of her. She picked it up and curiously opened it, and surely, a small scroll fell into her hands. She decided to read it and then became disappointed due to the fact that it was written in a foreign language she could not read. What is this, Latin? Whatever, that was lame, She thought as she crumpled the scroll and tossed into a nearby garbage can.

“Ah, I knew that would happen. I guess that is why I was sent here,” an unfamiliar voice said behind her. Maya turned around quickly to see a young man wearing a dark blue cape. He had blond, spiky hair and big emerald green eyes. He also had a strange black mark on his forehead. “W-who are you?” Maya asked confused. Why is this guy dressed so weird? What does he want? Maya thought frightened, preparing to make a run for it if she had to. “Oh, I am sorry for not introducing myself. I am Brynn Tremayne. No need to tell me who you are, I know all about you,” He said smiling.

Maya dashed forward as fast as she could, not turning back. Oh no, I’m about to be kidnapped! I need to run and call the police! Oh no! Maya thought as she continued running. Then she stopped, petrified, to see that Brynn was standing right of her. “Please allow me to explain-,” Brynn tried to explain, but Maya was already running again. “Leave me alone! Help! Help! Someone’s trying to kill me!” She yelled desperately and began running back to her school, where she knew there would be adults that could protect her.

Brynn somehow appeared in front her and grabbed her by the shoulders. Maya screamed as loud as she could. Then she stopped because suddenly she saw colors surrounding her. Her school disappeared and she felt a strange sensation within her. She knew she was traveling, but where? They stopped and landed on a rocky floor. Maya looked around and realized she was no longer in her school area but in a strange looking cave. She also noticed Brynn was still holding her by the shoulders. “Since you weren’t listening to me, I had to take you here myself. This is the area of my Tribe and I brought you here because we need you if we want to stay alive. You see Xars-Venynx, the world you are in right now, is being taken over by Glyceroth. He is an evil sorcerer that has a desire to rule Xars-Venynx and turn it into a dark, wicked, evil place.

“So according to our prophecy, the girl with hair as dark as a raven and eyes as clear as the sky will use her great powers to stop him. So the leader of my Tribe sent me to Earth to find you, and when I looked at you I just knew you were the one,” Brynn explained. Maya took a few minutes to take in everything Brynn just said. “Tribes, huh? Is that why you have that symbol on your forehead?” Maya asked. “Yes. Each Tribe has a different one,” Brynn explained. “I don’t have any magical powers, you know,” She said, lowering her head. “On Earth you cannot use your powers but here in Xars-Venynx, there are no laws of physics and anything is possible. Here, you can reveal your magic,” Brynn told her, reassuringly. “But I don’t know how to use them,” Maya said. “That’s why I’m here. I will train you to use your powers,” Brynn announced. “But I don’t want to do this! Can’t I just go back home and get someone else to do this?” Maya complained. “No. We need to start immediately, before Glyceroth finds out you’re here,” Brynn said.

For endless hours, Brynn and Maya were training in the cave. So far, the only thing Maya learned how to do is to shoot streams of light out of her finger, which was completely ineffective. “This is pointless! I told you I couldn’t do anything special!” Maya exclaimed impatiently. Brynn let out a long sigh, he was losing patience too. “How right you are, foolish girl,” said an unfamiliar voice. Maya and Brynn turned to see a tall man with a different mark on his forehead and wearing a black cape. “No! It’s one of Glyceroth’s men!” Brynn said. “Correct. I’m afraid I cannot let you live, stupid girl,” The man said, pointing at Maya. She started backing away as the man drew closer to her. “No way!” Brynn said he stepped in front of Maya, protecting her. The man chanted a few words that sounded like a spell in a different language and Brynn was sent flying. He hit the cave wall and fell to the ground. Blood trickled down from his head. “Brynn!” Maya called out and kneeled down to him. “What did you do, you monster!” She yelled angrily at the man. He laughed and in an instant, he grabbed Maya and ran out of the cave. To Maya’s surprise, they were flying.

“Where are you taking me?! Put me down now!” Maya yelled, kicking and punching the man’s chest. “Calm down, idiot girl. You are about to face Lord Glyceroth himself,” he said and continued soaring through the air. They reached a dark, horrid castle and landed at the gigantic front door. The guard let them in and they walked into a huge, dark room. Maya’s heart was beating quickly as she looked up and saw a throne, and someone was sitting in it. He had a dark black beard and his eyes looked that of a snake. He was smiling as Maya stopped before him. “Welcome, child. How very nice of you to stop by,” He said, still smiling.

“Drop the act, I’m here to stop you!” she yelled angrily. “Ah, getting right to the point, are we? Well then, I cannot let you do so. You see, I rule now and there’s nothing you can do anyway, human! Guards, put her in the dungeon. After I eat my dinner tonight, I will enjoy the sight of this girl being beheaded!” Glyceroth said and began to laugh an evil laugh. Guards rushed towards Maya and they all grabbed her. She tried to get away but she couldn’t. Soon enough, she found herself sitting in a cold, small cell. She sat down miserably and thought, Great, now what? Brynn is hurt and it’s all my fault. I was being stubborn and stupid. Now, I’m in a stupid cell and I’m going to die tonight. This is all my fault.

“Hey, Maya! Don’t worry, I’m here to save you,” said a strange voice coming from outside her cell. Maya stood up and saw a girl that looked about the same age as her. She had red, flowing hair and had the same mark on her forehead as Brynn. She was also wearing a dark blue cape. “I’m Nora, one of Brynn’s friends and from the same Tribe as him. He told me you were captured so here I am,” She explained and said a spell that made the cell door burst open. Maya stepped out and thanked her. “So Brynn’s alright?” Maya asked concerned. “Well he wouldn’t wait for his wound to heal so he came along. Right now he is distracting theguards upstairs so we have to hurry,” Nora said and they both headed up the stairs out of the dungeon. They saw Brynn down the hall and he came to them. “Maya, you’re free! Do you remember anything I taught you about the Curse of Defeat?” Brynn asked. The Curse of Defeat was the ultimate curse that could bring anyone to their certain death. Only few wizards and witches can accomplish it, and since Brynn believed Maya had special powers, he thought that she could accomplish it. Yet she shook her head disappointedly.

“I’m sorry I-,” She was interrupted by Nora, who was running down the hall. “Run!” She yelled. Brynn and Maya looked behind them and saw a group of guards running towards them. So they ran with Nora down the hall, the men still chasing them. “Guys, dead end!” Brynn yelled and sure enough, in front of them was a nowhere left to run. The men were charging towards them at full speed

 That’s when Maya put up her hands and chanted a some strange words.  She shot out green sparks which made the guards fall unconscious to the floor. Green sparks made the victim’s brain fall asleep forever, and Maya didn’t even know that. Brynn and Nora looked at Maya, amazed. “How did you do that?!” Brynn asked, impressed. “I have no idea, it just happened,” Maya said, amazed with herself as well. “Come on, we still have to get out of here,” Nora said and they all ran up the stairs to the upper floor.

“Where are you going, children? The fun only just began,” Glyceroth appeared in front of them, causing them to stop dead in their tracks. Glyceroth shot out red sparks at Nora, but Nora blocked it in time when she summoned her special shield. Red sparks are known for setting the victim on fire. Brynn tried to attack him by simply punching him, but it backfired onto Brynn. He ended up hitting his own eye and cried out from pain. Nora chanted a different spell and sent out white sparks, which was supposed to freeze Glyceroth, yet that backfired onto her as well. Maya didn’t know what to do, her friends were failing and she had to face the strongest man in Xars-Venynx alone.

Glyceroth attacked Maya with Nora’s white sparks, which hit Maya very badly on her right arm. Then he punched her in her shoulder just like Brynn’s punch. She realized he was using her friends’ attacks against her. She fell to the floor, panting as she tried to figure out what to do while she was hurt. “Don’t you hate it when friends just hurt you like that? Some friends those are,” Glyceroth laughed and enjoyed the sight of Maya kneeling on the ground. I can’t give up just yet. Brynn and Nora are counting on me. I can’t let my only friends down! She thought and bravely stood back up.

Glyceroth was clearly becoming angry. Nora and Brynn stood back up, not knowing what to do either. “You two need to get out of my way, now!” Glyceroth yelled and chanted a different spell. Then, Brynn and Nora were knocked out unconscious. Then Glyceroth began rushing towards Maya. “I will choke you myself!” He threatened impatiently. Maya started running away from him as fast as she could. I need to remember the Curse of Defeat now! Maya thought desperately. “Fine, stupid girl, if you’re going to keep running and not face me, I’ll have more fun torturing those other fools,” Glyceroth stopped running and said a strange spell that made Brynn and Nora begin yelling and wincing of pain. Maya froze as she watched them in pain. “What are you doing to them?! Stop it! It’s me you want!” Maya screamed.

“Ah, that’s the spirit, girl,” Glyceroth turned around and faced Maya, yet his spell on Brynn and Nora was still in effect. Maya wanted to save her friends more than anything in the world at that moment, and that’s when it happened. Maya suddenly felt this magical feeling within her. She felt a rush of strength flow through her body. Maya started floating off the ground and began glowing. She felt so much power and magic within her, and she knew exactly what to do with it. She chanted her final, foreign words, the Curse of Defeat. Glyceroth couldn’t believe the prophecy was coming true. “No! This can’t be!” He yelled, yet Maya’s curse hit him, and he slowly started to fade away.

 Finally, he was officially gone, and everything around her began to change. The castle became brighter and filled with color. Everything in Xars-Venynx became the way it was. Maya’s ultimate form faded away too, and she was her regular self again.

Brynn and Nora rushed toward her with excitement. “Maya! You did it! We knew you would!” They both exclaimed proudly. Maya was happy on the inside, yet her face looked sad. “What’s wrong?” Brynn asked. “It’s just that now that I done my job here, I have to go back to my world, where I had no friends,” Maya said sadly. “Don’t worry, we’ll come visit you. We know how to go through the Gate between our world and yours,” said Brynn. Maya felt relieved and gave her friends a long, good-bye hug. Then Brynn and Nora chanted a spell and Maya disappeared from the castle and appeared back outside her school, just where she had left off.

It was still raining, yet Maya couldn’t care less. She walked to the bus stop happily, knowing she now had true friends and would forever enjoy the gift of friendship.

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