Mystery continues (chapter 1)

Mystery continues (chapter 1) Mystery continues (chapter 1)

Status: Finished

Genre: Mystery and Crime



Status: Finished

Genre: Mystery and Crime




This story is about four friends and how they all go for trips and enjoy when suddenly someone gets killed and becomes a ghost.
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This story is about four friends and how they all go for trips and enjoy when suddenly someone gets killed and becomes a ghost.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Mystery continues

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This story is about four friends and how they all go for trips and enjoy when suddenly someone gets killed and becomes a ghost.

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Submitted: January 26, 2013

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: January 26, 2013



Chapter 1: A cold stormy Night

It was a stormy wet day at North California on Friday late afternoon, as the light filmy clouds was especially becoming Grey and depressingly dark, as the wind was blowing strong when the bronchial trees were shaking for a moment, as the group of people could not evacuate out, there lived a girl whose name is Fiona, she was a genuinely a hot girl who was working as a sales marketing girl, her parents living in Russia ,as long as she was coming back from her workplace ,Fiona had to rush back home, hence she had to go with a gang of friends for a book launch at her college.

While she got out from the department, she saw the breeze blew gently with speed; she hurried back inside and looked at the time, as it is past seven in the evening. Fiona could not speed; she started to move suddenly and violently, and wondered how to get back home. Fiona emergency got a call from her best friend Olivia, She was as fortunate as she quickly received the call.

“Olivia Thank Goodness you called, I was waiting outside for the past half an hour in my department, can’t even move.” Fiona Said.

“Fiona, I am on my way to pick Isabella, Do you want me to pick you up?” Olivia asked

“Oh Olivia, That will be nice, as I have to go home and get ready, can you see the weather is so bad.”

Fiona said.

“Certainly Fiona, we are not even ready, don’t dread, I will be right there.” Olivia said.

“I will be there soon; I will be waiting at the lounge for you.”

Fiona could not stay outdoors, while she was standing upright on her feet while she was staring outside, she started to feel Jacob, He used to love it when the weather rains, while suddenly she heard her name.

“Fiona, Fiona,” Her manager screaming on top of her voice.

Fiona was looking around to see who it was, but to see it was her manager Mrs. Sonia, who was rigid as she has a crude round face. Sonia always used to love people who ever worked kindheartedly.

“Fiona, Could you please come into my cabin, I want to have a word with you.” Mrs. Sonia said, in a low voice.

“Alright Ma’am, I shall be there in a minute.” Fiona said

While Fiona walks she gets a call, and quickly picks up the phone.

“Fiona, I and Isabella are on the way to pick you up, do not worry, calm down, we will be at college on time.”

“Olivia, We need to Rush, At the moment Mrs. Sonia had called me in her cabin, I am right next to it, so when you come just give me a buzz.” Fiona said.

“Alright Fiona, we are stuck really badly in a traffic jam, since the weather is miserable, don’t move around.” Olivia said.

“Okay, do not worry about me, I will be okay”. Fiona said.

While Fiona kept the phone down, Fiona unfolded her pocket- size red bag, which was grand, and kept her cell phone confidential in her red bag. While she knocked on the door.

“May I please come in ma’am?” Fiona asked in a very mannerly way.

“Yes you may come in Fiona,” Sonia said with a smile on her face.

“Thank you ma’am” Fiona said.

“Oh, what a decent outfit you are wearing today, it really looks beautiful on you.” Sonia said to her.

“Oh, thank you ma’am.” Fiona said.

“You may have a seat dear.” Sonia said

Fiona sat down at the big electric chair and stared at the time for a moment.

“How are you doing Fiona?” Sonia asked.

“I am doing fine, thank you.” Fiona said.

“ I am glad to know that you are doing fine, Fiona don’t upset yourself over Jacob, Whatever happened it happened for the best, now past is past darling, Hence what are you doing this weekend?” Sonia asked.

“I have a book launch to go at my college and then we may go out to have banquet. The next following day we have our annual prom night, which I am really pumped up to go for.” Fiona said and gave a smile to Sonia.

Mrs. Sonia came across as she stepped unspoken for a few minutes. Fiona glanced outside the window, when unexpectedly her cell phone rang, she quickly walked to take her bag as she had to open it and take out her cell phone to see who it was.

“Hi Isabella, Where are you?” Fiona asked.

“Fiona, we are waiting outside your department.” Isabella said

“Oh alright, I will be down in a minute, wait wherever you are.”

“Ma’am I shall leave now.” Fiona said

She got up to take her red handbag and walked towards the main door without making any sound.

“Have a great day and an awesome time today and tomorrow.” Sonia said.

“Same to you Ma’am.” Fiona said

Fiona opened the door without a sound and slowly left the room. Sonia gave her a big smile. She ran down the stairway really quick while the security stared at her and cogitation she was okay.

While she went down, she was breathless; she quickly ran towards the record book and immediately ran outside without saying a word to anyone. As soon as Fiona got outside she stared at the whether it was really worse and gave a smile to her office friend.

The rains came and flooded the roads, everyone went inside again, and started to panic, When Fiona ran towards her best friend Olivia car, which was yellow in color and it was a Mazda. She quickly opened the door of the car and kept her big black briefcase behind the car and went to sit inside the car with a great sign of relief.

As she sat inside the car, Fiona saw Olivia and Isabella; she was really thrilled and excited. Olivia and Isabella Was intended to wear their western outfits; Isabella stared at Fiona and said

“Oh Fiona you are really wet, we will get you home and you can dry yourself and get ready." Isabella said.

While they were on the way to Fiona house, they stopped at one shop and Olivia quickly got down getting Fiona a hot cup of coffee, she Ran inside the shop.

And asked the man.

“Sir Please Give me a hot cup of coffee, with sugar and Please we want it Take away.

The shop man Looked at her in a strange wayand went to make the hot cup of coffee. Mean while Isabella and Fiona were inside the car waiting for Olivia to bring the coffee. Olivia was standing inside till the man Brought the coffee, she was really Impatient to go and get Dressed.

She was standing for fifteen Minutes, and then the man came with the Coffee and

“20 rupees ma'am."

She gave him the money and took the cup of coffee and walked towards the car slowly. As she reached the car, she opened the door and gave it to Fiona and Got Inside the care.

“Olivia Drive Slow, till I Drink my hot cup of coffee". Fiona said.

Olivia sat down and on the engine and drove slowly looking at Fiona drinking the coffee. Fiona was really happy drinking the coffee, as she was drinking her coffee; she was looking out from the balcony to see the view,

While drinking, she saw that we are nearly Reaching Home; she quickly drank the coffee fast and opened the window to throw the cup.

It was Eight O clock in the Night, The weather was cold and nice, Fiona got down to Open her gates and made Olivia to park her car , They parked The car and went Inside, Fiona had to open the main door, She took out the keys from her bag and opened it the door.

Fiona quickly ran upstairs to her beautiful room and Kept all her things Inside the cupboards and Owned her Geezer and ran towards Her Clothes section to Take Out her dress, It was a red dress with all designs on it, As she layer her dress on her bed neatly, She went Inside Her bathroom and Had a nice Hot water Shower.

Meanwhile Olivia Was wearing a dress and a nice Black pair of shoes, she was a really Friendly girl.

Isabella also wore the same, and was a rude type Of Girl, and she was married with two kids, She left her two Kids at home, As they were Putting their makeup,

Fiona came Out from A hot water shower, with a bathrobe on, and Wiped herself Nicely, and then She put her lovely red dress , and went to make her hair, she Straighten her hair and Did curls from down, She looked really pretty with the makeup on.

Olivia and Isabella was down Waiting for Fiona to come, Fiona Offend her room Lights and went Down, Olivia and Fiona was stunned to see Fiona, They had their Photos Taken.

After Their photos, they quickly took their bags and went toward the door, and offend the main Living room Light off, and Went outside and locked the door. Olivia and Isabella Was Inside the car, waiting for Fiona to come, Fiona was making sure everything is locked inside. And

Fiona walked towards the car, and got Inside, Fiona’s house was big and Beautiful, It had three Bathrooms, and large rooms with a very huge living room and a nice kitchen.

Fiona opened the gates and closed it, and got inside and they Left the house. While they were on the way, Isabella got a call From A another friend Bernard who was a really handsome guy, and is working in business.

Isabella answered the phone

“Isabella, Where are you three?" Bernard asked.

“Bernard, we are on the way, we should be there in another ten Minutes, The weather is really bad." Isabella Said.

“Alright, we are inside, and Guess what?" Asked Bernard.

“What, What is it Bernard?" Olive asked.

“We got seats Together, so it will be awesome."

“Oh, that awesome, we should be there in another- five Minutes so see you."

“Laurite, waiting for you three, see you."

Olive kept the phone, and they were nearly reaching, It was a traffic, But the cars were Moving, It was Nine, so they Reached and parked the car, and got down of the car, they were Excited to see their other Friends.

Fiona, Olivia and Isabella went inside their Jack College. It was really huge and a very Old building. As they were nearing the hall, they saw Bernard and Gerry talking outside, so the three girls went Next to them, and greeted the Boys.

“Oh girls you came," Bernard said with a nice Voice.

“Yes, let’s go Inside Guys." The girls said.

“Gerrrrrry?" Fiona said

“Yes Fiona, What happened?" Gerry asked.

“Why are you so Silent?" Fiona said, as they walked towards the hall.

Gerry hugged her and gave her a smile.

“Oh Fiona, I was Just talking to Bernard." Gerry said.

Fiona was looking at Gerry In a sweet way, since he was the Youngest out of all. They Reached the Hall, and the hall was Beautifully Decorated. Olivia, Fiona, Isabella, Bernard and Gerry sat down on their seats. They sat down, The Lights went and the main person from college went on stage and started the bo

book launch.

Friends, The book- launch for which we have congregated here, today The Author of that Book need not to be introduced.

The Ink of his pen has always left a mark on our minds.

That Person is none other than our very own Siddhartha Das, So Please give him a big hand.

Professor Siddhartha Das.

As the principle went and welcomed him,

“Come please."

Thank you ladies and Gentlemen,

Things that have been said and things that haven’t been said.

The Stories of this book were Facets of Reality, Once Upon a time; Those Bygone Moments are still alive......

In the Book. In the form of words Ladies and Gentlemen I give you Nine and a half Love stories.

Fiona got up and said

“Nine and the half Love stories"

“Yes, Nine and half!

Friends, this Book has a story, it’s incomplete. It’s Unsaid. Neither have I been able to think of the end of this..... Story or Will I ever be able to know about it.

That is why ... that why this story is Incomplete, even today.

Anyways, Ladies and Gentlemen I proudly dedicate this story Book to your college.

“Thank you very much sir".

As the book Launch finished, Fiona, Olivia, Isabella, Bernard and Gerry, got up from their seats and waited till the crowd went. Fiona really wanted that book.

“Gerry I want that book, it sounds Interesting?" Fiona said

“Oh yeah, let’s Get the book" Gerry said to Fiona.

“Fiona, come on, we shall get moving," Isabella said.

They started making some announcement, that dinner will be served in another Ten Minutes.

But they were not staying; they are going to Pizza hut for dinner.

“Isabella, I need to get that book?" Fiona said

“Oh Fiona, we will get that, now don’t be a pain, and lets go “Isabella said.

They walked out of the hall and went straight out, as they decided to go for dinner.

Bernard and Gerry went and got into their car and was waiting for the girls to come, Isabella and Olivia were walking while Fiona was walking with the main college Person.

“Where to get the book sir?" Fiona asked.

“Well, you can get it in any book store" Sir said.

While Isabella and Olivia were walking, They Realized that Fiona was not with them.

They quickly turned around, and saw that Fiona was walking beside them.

“Fiona, come fast we have to go; Bernard and Gerry are waiting in the car" Isabella said.

So, they all three went towards the car and got Inside, The two boys Asked them,

“What made you girls late?"

“Sorry, I was asking the main person where to get the book" Fiona said.

Bernard Looked very angry, and started to drive very fast as he could. It was Nine Thirty as they went inside and sat down, and suddenly Fiona Phone began to ring, she began to think who it could be at this time. So she answered her Phone.

“Hello" Fiona Said.

“Hi My Darling, This is your mom. How are you?" Mom asked her.

“Mom, Oh my Gosh, It been a week since you called, I am fine. How are you Mom? “Fiona asked her.

“Darling Fiona, I am doing fine, Where are you?" Mom asked her.

“Mom, I am with Olivia, Isabella, Bernard and Gerry, we are at Pizza hut for dinner."

“Oh wow, that is nice, darling Hope you are okay?" Mom asked and kept silent for a while.

“Yes mom don’t Worry, Past is past, now I have to concentrate on my studies and work" Fiona said, in a slow and sad Voice.

“Oh My baby Girl, I am Really Proud Of you, Laurite you better go enjoy with your friends now" Mom said.

“Okay Mom, Love you and say a big hi to dad from me okay" Fiona said.

“Sure will do darling, Bye" Mom said,

As Fiona kept the phone, she was really happy. So she went Towards Her friends.

“Fiona, who called you?" Olivia asked, and looked at Fiona in a strange way.

“Olivia, My Mom called me, after a week". Fiona said and did not talk for a while.

As Fiona sat, they were Deciding where to go after their mid - term is over for a holiday.

“Guys, What about San Bernardo In southern California? Isabella Said, with her eyes Opened.

“That a very good Idea," Everyone said, with all excitement Look on their Faces.

As they were talking, the food came and all ate, with a happy face, Chicken Cheese Pizza, with some Pasta, Garlic Bread, French Fries and some Ice coke. They all loved the food and enjoyed it with Delight.

Fiona was so full and she was ready to go to sleep. Bernard went to pay the bill, and all the others got up and went towards the car. Olivia and Fiona had to be dropped home since; Olivia was staying in Fiona house and Isabella Went By taxi.

Bernard Drove the Car and Dropped Olivia and Fiona back home. As soon as they reached home, their phone was ringing. They Quickly Ran, and opened the door, Fiona Ran Towards the phone and Picked it Up.

“Did you and Olivia reach Home?" Isabella Asked.

" Yes Isabella, Don’t worry , Now go to bed" Fiona said and she kept the phone down, and ran Straight Upstairs to her room , On the lights , Removed her shoes and changed Into her Night Dress went to Olivia room,

“Good Night Olivia" Fiona said with a smile.

She and Olivawere best friends.

“Good Night Fiona" Olivia said in a Very Slow Voice. Olivia was already on bed.

It was Eleven, Fiona went back in her room and knocked offall the Lights, and went to bed, her eyes closed as she hit the bed.

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