Romance and tradgedy: There for me

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A tale of romance in modern time high school

Submitted: November 21, 2011

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Submitted: November 21, 2011



"you ever wondered why i can own a canadian?" Prince mumbled.
"no?" Cristy smacks prince "im part canadian,".
 "oh how much do you cost?" Prince luaghs and rolls over, dodging

Cristy as she throws a clock at him.
"So did you see that new guy at school?" Cristy says " doesnt he look

just like taylor luartner?"
"yeah, totally, if taylor was four feet fall and had boobs." "what ever,

your just jealous of his bling," Cristy counters. "not all white boys want

bling," prince rolls his eyes. "They all do in porn!" Cristy burst out

luaghing "or at least the porn ive seen," she says through breathes.
Prince frowns "you know it bothers me when you act like that," he looks

away "one day a guy wont know your kidding and take it as a come on."

"oh come on," Cristy sits on prince "im not pretty enough for that," she

purs. "only pretty girls know how to pur," Prince tosses a mirror over to

her "take a deep look at that." Cristy smiles and gets up "no one flatters

me like my homo freind," Prince tenses. "oh sorry," Cristy instantly says

"i promise im more carefull in public." Prince recovers and shrugs it off

"what ever, wanna go get some pizza?"

Cristy grabs her bag and stops. "oh yeah," she turns away from prince

and nervously says "i got invited to chrystals party and i kinda promised

id go." Princes stomach churns, the usual sign of bad luck. His guesses

are barely ever wrong. "um can you cancel?" Prince ask nervously "ive

got that feeling again." "cmon prince, i cant cancel a party every time

you wet your self," Cristy starts putting on make up "You can crash the

party and come with me though." "No way," Prince shakes his head

"Chrystal will shoot me if she sees me, remember the mustache i drew

on her?" Cristy giggles. "but please, please please please dont go,"

Prince gets on his knees and makes a puppy face "dont go im a wreck."

"your puppy powers are no match for mine!" Cristy returns the puppy

look. Instantly Prince melts "ugh," he groans "just promise me youll be

home and in bed before 1 am." "sure mom ill be in bed," Cristy grins

"maybe with a freind, and we might not be doing much sleeping." She

runs out of the room before Prince can protest.

Five hours later Prince lyes in bed tossing and turning. He looks at the

clock. Its 3 in the friggen morning. His stomach burns and hes still

waiting for Cristy to call and tell him shes home. Eventually Prince falls

asleep. But even in his sleep all he can think about is Cristy and how

badly she needed a lock in her underwear.

The next day Prince runs through the halls panicking like all hell is after

his ass. He crashes through the cafateria doors and trips over a little

roll. "what the f-" Prince groans "is that a ta-". Hes cut of by a giggle

from a nearby table "i think its a tampon," Cristy giggles "ok every one

nothing to see, just a clutzs and a tampon." The crowd dispurses by her


"ugh who leaves a tampon out in the open," Prince stands up and pats

him self down "This is worse then when you brought those condoms to

my house and my mom opened the door." Cristy burst out luaghing "im

surprised she let me in," Cristy hands Prince an apple "if i was her i

would have taken the condoms and slammed the door."

Prince plops down on a seat next to Ruby and stares at her "did you

ditch first period?" Ruby nodds, "did you meet tyler?". Cristy nods again

"he invited us to his party tonight," she throws a grape into her mouth

"this time your coming for sure." Prince sinks into silence, he stares at

Cristy. Tylers name always pissed Prince off. Mostly because Cristy and

Tyler were sort of kinda not really dating. But Tylers a douche and

twenty, while Cristy was sixteen. The last time Prince talked to Tyler the

guy was drooling over a magazine.

"There is no way in hell im going," Prince pouts "and i hope you wont

either,". "Come on, please Prince? for me?" Cristy begs "we can hang

out there, just us if you want." As always Prince gives up rigth after

Ruby begs. "One day, ill be able to say no to you," Prince leans back

into his chair and sighs "and maybe by then ill be black to." Cristy

luaghs "we both know that neither of those things will ever happen," She

stands up "b-r-b i gotta go to the little ladys room."

Prince resists the urge to watch Cristy leave, but just barely. He sighs

and bangs his head against the table. "i miss you a little already," he

sighs again "i little too much, a little too often, a little more every day."

That night.
Cristy dressed in a sexy tank top that showed off her belly and a pair or

shorts that should be illegal on her. Prince was forced to dress fancy.

But he had to admit that he looked good. A tight long sleeve black

jacket with a red shirt underneet and a pair of white skinny jeens.

They got there by car and walked up to the door of tylers house. Music

pumped out through the walls, shaking the house. But prince didnt hear

any of it, he was to busy thinking about the terrible feeling he was

getting. It was even worse then before and his actual personality was

peeking out.

As soon as they got in Prince saw all the people making out. It was a

zombie fest. People were trying to swallow each other. Some were going

at it with out stopping for air. Some were straight out stripping each

other on the floor. The thought of Cristy and him doing that made his

face turn bright red. The feeling got worse.

They walked past the smooch fest and into the kitchen. A girl ran up and

handed them both a beer. Instantly Prince threw his against the wall and

grabed the one in Cristys hand, also smashing that with a wall. Cristy

smiles at him "you know i wont drink." "Damn straight." Prince growled.

"oh ill be right back im gonna go find Tyler and say hi," Cristy starts to

walk of. Prince tosses out a hand to grab for her but a couple in mid sex

smooch bumped into him. He trips back out into the smooch fest and

lands on the couch in the middle of the room.

Prince desperatly glances back into the kitchen hoping to see Cristy

through the chaos. He trys to get up but a girl crashes into him. She was

 dressed in what must have been, the most revealing bikini in existance.

You could call it floss but floss was way thicker. Prince flails for a vase

and puts it between the girls lap. "for gods sake cover your self up!" He

shouts over the music.

She Purs and leans into him. Jugs pressing against his chest. "Please get

off me before i lose it," Prince said through controlled breathes. "oh yes

lose it, ill lose it to to," she moaned, completly misunderstanding. The

girl put an arm around Princes neck and reaches for his pants. "Damn it

i said get the hell off!" Prince screams and shoves the girl off onto the

floor. She luaghs and gets onto her knees sticking her tongue out and

pants like a dog.

Prince growls and backs away from her. "Damn whore!" he screams "Im

 not some peice of crap you can push your self onto, dont touch me with

your damn filthy hands. How many men do you infect you damn

succubus! dont think for a second that acting like a whore in public will

get you any where but hell!" Prince stops.
His surroundings become quite. The music ended. Every one was

staring. The girl was crying on the ground. Prince glances to his right

and sees a mirror. Some one dressed just like him stood in the middle

of a crowd. But that couldnt be him. It couldnt.

His entire life. Princeton spent hiding his alter ego. A antisocial

personality disorder that put a darker, evil side in him. And one girl

destroyed all of that. completly smashed the mask Princeton used to

hide his evil nature. What would Cristy think.

Oh shit. Cristy. "Cristy?!" Prince shouted. Prince pushed through the

crowd and into the kitchen. Past the kitchen and up the stairs he saw a

door open. Out rushed a girl in a tattered tank top. That girl was Cristy.

She ran up to Prince, her eyes red with crying and lip stick smeared.

Her hair tangled and wild. She even smelled like beer.

"he...T-Tyler...he..." She choked out through sobs "I didnt want to

Prince, i swear!" her voice broke and she just sobbed. "Go to the car,"

Prince muttered "ill be right out." Ruby ran right out, but even as she

went, Prince heard every sob. Every sob killed him, every sob made

him mad.

He stormed up the stairs and into Tylers room. The door was slightly

open and the room was dimly lit by a lava lamp. Inside Tyler luaghed

along with four guys. Tyler was lyeing on the bed with out a shirt on. A

pack of condoms on the bed next to him. Prince lost it.

"Hey what up man?" Tyler smirked "did you see my girl run out? tell her

to get her ass back-". Prince jumped at him and brought his fist down on

Tylers nose. Both Tylers nose and Princes knuckles cracked at once. But

he didnt stop there. Prince continued blowing away at Tylers face. The

other guys recovered from shock and pulled at prince. Right as they

hualed him onto his feet he broke loose and got a kick in. Nailing Tyler

right between the legs. Tyler started to cry.

One of the guys started to luagh but another one smacked him. And all

four draged Prince out of the house. Throwing him onto the lawn. The

crowd Followed Prince out and, sensing that the party was over, they

started to leave.

Prince gets up and walked to the car with Cristy in side. He gets in and

drives to her house. They didnt say a word until he stoped the car in

front of her lawn. They get out and walk onto the lawn "Prince, im so-"

she chockes out. "It wasnt your fualt," Prince stares into her eyes "I

should have followed you right away." "I told him no," she sobbed "but i

almost didnt stop..." "hush, Cristy," Prince pulls her into his arms "Ive

got you now, i wont let any one hurt you."

They stayed like that for who knows how long. The night was cold and it

was getting really late. But Prince didnt care. He was holding the one

person that he cared about. The one reason in the world why he didnt

just let his evil nature out and kill every one."If i feel any thing poke

against my leg ill chop it of," Cristy said eventually. And she started to

pull away. Prince screamed on the in side. It ended to quickly. He

wanted her back already.

"Your the best friend ever Prince," Cristy said. Her eyes reflected the

stars as she looked into his eyes. Prince couldnt speak, his mouth

wouldnt move.  He couldnt look away, his body was rigid. "Would you

still be my friend if...i had slept with Tyler?" It was a question, but she

sounded like she was begging. The Cristy behind the popularity and high

school was screaming out to be loved.

"Of course," Prince whispered "ill always be here for you."
"Even if you hate me, ill be there. Even if you dont want me around, ill

be behind you, backing you up. Even if you went around sleeping with

every douche bag you could find." he paused "Ill always lo-"


screamed from the house. "Go! hurry!" Cristy pushed Prince into the

car. Prince shuts and door just as a loud crack exploded. A bullet flew

through the back window. "DRIVE!" Cristy screamed.

Prince did what any guy would do. He got the hell out of there.
Two hours later Prince was sitting out side his house. It was already four

in the morning. From behind him he heard footsteps. Maybe his parents

finally found out he was out side. "Hey stranger," the cutest voice said.

"I thought youd be at home Cristy," Prince said. He turned around and

saw a bruise on her right shoulder, her eyes red. "Your dad did this?"

Prince growled. "Prince," Ruby said sadly "Im leaving this town."

Prince stared at her "Alright." "Alright?!" Cristy gawked "your not even

going to say good bye? your not going to miss me at all?!"
Prince shook his head "I wont miss you. Not one bit. I wont say good

bye, i really dont want to." Cristys eyes started to tear "Wait. I mean

that i wont miss you because im coming with you. And i wont say good

bye because ill always be with you."

"you jerk, you could have said so," she pouted. They both got into the

car. "Prince can i ask you some thing?"
"your always there for me"
"i guess"
"oh shut up" Cristy says and pulls him towards her. They kiss. Soft and

gentle. Then passionate and strong. "ive always wanted some one, who

would always be there for me," Cristy said "all this time ive been to

stupid to look right in front of my face."
"yes," he agreed "yes you have."
And they drive off. Watching the sun set and they drove on to their

future together.

After a week of driving they get to Cristys uncles place. Her uncle who

owns a company gladly takes them in. From there Cristy and Princeton

start over again. After two years they finish high school. They went to

prom together. Cristy and Prince went to collage and they both moved

on. Getting their own house. And getting married when they were 20.

From there on they lived their lives.
The end

© Copyright 2018 Princeton. All rights reserved.

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