Happy New Millenium

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Happy New Millenium was composed at the begining of the millenium. I got my inspiration from the desire to see a departed princess in a millenium fashion. Realising she is gone, I decided to write for her an elergy wishing her a Happy Millenium.

Submitted: August 24, 2012

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Submitted: August 24, 2012






What a date

That date I'd wished its news had died as rumour

That date I'd wished t'was skipped from the calendar

That date the Lord refused to grant my wish

That date my star disapeared from the universe

So, even rocks did shed tears


News! News! News

Tell me that news

That news that errupted from Europe

That news that will live for as long as life exists

Cos lives to come will ask to know

So, imortal History it is called


The world has never been so urgly

As she could not hide her feelings

The world has never been so humid

As tears from rocks evaporated into the atmosphere

The world has never been so dark

Yet, t'was the most beautiful day of England


O, where landed my sight

Never could I have seen

Even with three generations on my helm

Decorations I never saw, was out there

Voices I never heard, sang

only angels could sing so perfect


How cute ladies were dressed

Yet, I found no style to copy

Most beautifully dressed bodies

Carried saddest faces

Shoulders were too heavy

With loads for the invisible eyes


A friend I never met

She knew me not

Yet, she left an everlasting wound in my heart

She has left me wandering for her

Though I wonder

Were it not in the invisible world


There is no question

She took away my hope

Hope of her ever getting to me

Like she got to others

Her absence makes me inconsolable

So from my pillow it rains






The brightest star of the universe

A fashion catalog for ambitious ladies

A true friend of the needy

"She was warm, full of life and generosity"

A unique friend of Elton John

The princess most adorable



Now, you tell me that news

That news I'll never pronounce

Else it be turned to reality

Woe on to you Mr. August 31st

And peace to you my queen

The queen of hearts






Prisca Graf

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