moments of one child

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people are wondering why everything are turning at on they don't wanted things... This one is for all people who had been a child and turn now into BIG KIDS.

Submitted: September 27, 2009

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Submitted: September 27, 2009



Is it funny,remenizing once past? Why everything had to change,if they can make it stay the same as they grow old?Is it too unfair for some people who don't  even remember there past and never be given a chance to enjoy thier life as  a child? Playing and having fun with thier friends,having chrushes and more...?

Does avery body knows what was happend on thier life wen were thier just a child?Is there a a difference between CHILD and a KID?

The answere I dont know... funny am i? i am doing this simply becouse i dnt rememeber some of my past...

I tried so hard, thinking and thinking in every stories that i had past through.some may clear but lots are still remean EMPTY. As i recall, im just a grade school when i felt this kind of emeotion.Leaving with no one at your side,crying,sitting alone on one side.Am i being paranoid? thats what i was ask!

As year past by.. taking my high shool life.. happy leaving with my family but feeling empty being a prison.Walking ang walking at the four side of my house?Is it too unfair for i kid like me before?Nobody understand me,no body to talk to,no one bother themselve to care for me?Do i diserve this that kind of treatment???I am wondering is there something wrong about my face?my looks?my attitude???or about the story of my life???

And now being a college student, am asking my self am i happy?
Or am i still the child who had been a loner from the very start?

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