Stuck Between Whiteness And Blackness

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Submitted: July 12, 2013

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Submitted: July 12, 2013



Stuck between blackness and whiteness

Whiteness has started to turn to blackness as the future seems to be too bleak

The unavoidable fate of going apart is a razor blade scraping my heart

But hopefully Remaining marks will eventually disapear as life goes on

And we shall end up with constant endless slumber so no fear,no tension,no tears

The first and the last experience, am I a failure or experience should be gained?

Am I weak or destiny rules?

Hesitating trying to be the first to bring things to an end so as to keep off self-seeking demise

Hopefully, there is a time when we pull our selves together again as memories  fade away.As the chance appears to push us forward,however if not then the darkness of  a graveyard is the only choice.

What makes one live on in a soulless environment is the terror of obscurity ,lonliness ,and body- rot

But all of that is capable of taking you to the place where is no more mind-snatching pain

If not having the courage to have yourself through then turn to crying till your eyes blister and till u pass out in great relief.

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