A Teenage Reality

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I really need to get some feedback on a script that i'm writing. it's about kids/teens and what it's really like, the terrifying losses and mental illness, adoption, wellfare, ect. ect. ect. I would love some feedback on this unfinished piece

Submitted: August 19, 2012

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Submitted: August 19, 2012




Dark stage, single spot light on Emily.


EMILY: I guess your probably wondering who am…what makes me so special and why you should even bother listening to my story. To be completely honest, I haven't got an answer. I'm not special, if anything i'm the opposite. I'm just another freak.


CHARLOTTE: (enters) Emily? 


EMILY: I don't wanna talk right now.


CHARLOTTE: We need to talk.


EMILY: What do you want?!


CHARLOTTE: You can't keep doing this Em…this is the third time this week i've caught you shoplifting


EMILY: (cuts her off) so what? It's not like YOU never did that! You were worse than I was at thirteen…so what makes you think you have ANY right to tell ME what to do?!


CHARLOTTE: Look. (getting annoyed) I never said I was a perfect kid.


EMILY: PERFECT? You've got to be kidding me…they practically had a cell RESERVED for you at the detention center…they still do!


CHARLOTTE: God damnit Emily! This isn't about me! I did my time and I served my debts… i'm done with that! So stop trying to pin me down and stop telling me what a terrible person I am! Look in the mirror kid!


EMILY: (long pause) I'm not a terrible person either. 


CHARLOTTE: I never said you were. Your such a smart kid Emily, and you have so much potential…you just need to learn to behave.


EMILY: It's not MY fault! Do you know what i've been through?! 


CHARLOTTE: Don't even try to go there…I'm done with you


EMILY: Whatever! Your just to much of a wimp to fight me, aren't you?! Your just can't admit that i've had it WAY worse than you, can you!? 

CHARLOTTE: Get some sleep.


EMILY: Why should I do what you (Charlotte cuts her off)


CHARLOTTE: I said get some sleep. Don't make me come back in here. (angry)


EMILY: Whatever. (begins to cry)


BLACKOUT (emily exits. charlotte and hannah enter)


HANNAH: Your in way over your head Char…you can't even take care of yourself!


CHARLOTTE: Don't you think I know that? But..she's Veronica's kid and…Ronnie would have wanted me to…i think. Look I don't really know but…this kids crazy! She's ALWAYS getting herself into trouble!


HANNAH: (Bursts out laughing) this is coming from THE infamous Charlotte Madison? Charlotte you know that's exactly what you were like…just ten times worse! 


CHARLOTTE: I know. Don't remind me. 


HANNAH: So how do you plan to pull this off?


CHARLOTTE: I don't. I'm more or less just trying to find a way to get through the summer.


HANNAH: Yeah, me too. I have a lot of work…AP classes are real butt kickers, especially for senior year.


CHARLOTTE: Well…that's something I know I don't have to worry about. (soft knock)


HANNAH: Do you hear something?


EMILY: Excuse me?


CHARLOTTE: I thought I told you to get some sleep Em.


EMILY: I can't sleep! I…mean, I can't sleep. Can't I just sit out here with you guys?


HANNAH: I don't see why not (shrugs)


EMILY: why aren't you that nice?


CHARLOTTE: Let's go. Time for bed. (walks a struggling Emily off stage)




VIRGIL/ABIGAIL: Holly! Come on downstairs! Time for school!


Holly: (enters) But I DIDN'T fail the 5th grade!


VIRGIL/ABIGAIL: Holly, sweetie, were worried about you. You didn't do well and we want you to be successful in school. We love you.


HOLLY: You've only known me for like what…five months? I certainly don't love you, your not my mom/dad. Your just some stupid man/women who thinks they can earn some extra cash by taking care of a little girl. 


VIRGIL/ABIGAIL: That's not true, Holly I brought you into my life because I knew the time right for me, your going to be happy here. I promise. (kisses her head) 


HOLLY: Funny thing is, usually when adults say they promise they don't mean it. The bus is here. Guess I better go, wouldn't want to be late for school…in the summer.  (exits stage right vigil/abigail exits stage left. Holly reapears stage left. a classroom setting is now established as children have taken there seats)


TEACHER: Settle down. We've got lots to do. (mouths words but does not speak, students in the class raise there hands, write things but all is silent as Holly delivers her monologue)


HOLLY: I don't belong here. Not just here here, in school in July but here. Here in Jersey. I should be at home my dad right now, he wouldn't make me come to summer school. He knows i'm smart. I bet my mom's home too, I bet she came home just like she promised.


TEACHER: Holly! Holly are you even listening?


HOLLY: Yes ma'am


TEACHER: wouldn't want to send you to detention on your first day.


HOLLY: Yes ma'am.


TEACHER: alright. Back to our lesson, does anyone have any biology related questions before we move on?


HOLLY: (raises hand)




HOLLY: I was just wondering, say you have like, a really good microscope and you keep it in your room, could you keep like a bacteria or some other sort of microorganism as a pet? (students begin to laugh)


TEACHER: Holly Cye that is it I….


HOLLY: That's NOT my last name! Ugh! Why does everyone want to call me that? I'm not Virgil/Abigail's daughter! So just…just don't even go there! (stands up)


TEACHER: I'm sorry Holly, not sit yourself down and do not use that tone with me again or i'll call home, do we have an understanding?


HOLLY: (mumbles) that's not my home.


TEACHER: What was that?


HOLLY: Nothing. (Crosses her arms)

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