Anything Can Happen When You Believe In The Stars.

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11:11 Please Do Your Job.

Submitted: September 20, 2011

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Submitted: September 20, 2011



The Silent Tears I Cry:

Because I Simply Don't Want To Leave.

I Love My Friends Here.

The First Year Everything Has Gone Right.

My Best Friends, Paige, Haley, Jessi, Jesse, Nate, Alyssa, Breana, Josh, Rose, etc.

My Boyfriend Who Means The World To Me.

He Knows When Something Is Wrong.

My Friends Know When Something Is Wrong.

For Instance Right Now.

As I Type This,

I Cry Silently Inside.

I Don't Want To Leave.

I Feel As If I'm Leaving Everyone Behind.

I'm Betraying Them.

I Know These Friendships Won't Last Forever.

I Wish Upon A Star That They Do.

They're My Best Friends

I Will Never Leave Them.

But Who Knows, They  Could.

Anything Can Happen.

If You Believe In The Stars Above.

11:11, Please Do Your Job.

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