On a Twinking eve.....

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It's a poem that describes the dream to be a bird.

Submitted: December 15, 2008

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Submitted: December 15, 2008



Standing alone in the sea shore,

I just hovered at the wavy blue sea shore,

Ice cool water touched my feet

Turning my spirit to the bewitching and lovely migratory birds.

Two of them sharing their
 Love & care
 Fluttering impetuously to the north
 One showing the path & the other behind.
 Exhilarating with their compose.
I stand their quietly,
To know what they chatter.
What their language is?

What they share?

I forged for long like a blacksmith.

Get mystified by the quest one by one,

  Some were paired,

  But some remained in their quest,

Is it what we call love?

Is it what we say affection?

  Inner urge wishes & prays,

  Oh! Alas! Shall I be one day,
Among those couples.


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