missing my good old childhood days...

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i miss my childhood. i'm sure as one grows old and looks back i'm sure he misses the innocence of his childhood days.

Submitted: December 05, 2010

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Submitted: December 05, 2010



missing my good old childhood days..............

as i look back, say some 22 years back what first comes to my mind is a very free flowing hassel free life. a home full of loving and caring grandparents - my boro dadu, boro thhaakumaa, dadubhai, mana, shejodadu,chhotodadu, maa baaba; life was real fun!! baba woke me up each morning .just after breakfast it was my time to go to the park, deshapriya park with dadubhai.. if he went to the market, i would follow him there as well. i love going to the market, even today. after we got back home mana as usual wold be upset seeing dadubhai's marketing. thereafter it was time for me to go to boro dadu, the person i miss even today!! he had the habit of eating beetle leaf. i too loved it...special attraction was the khoyer in it, which would make my lips go red...he would jokingly say, \"the more your lips go red..............\" well, let that be a secret. he would lovingly call me LULLU. we really had a good time together. as he took care of me, i too got a chance to take care of him when he needed me. miss you!!!! borothakuma was a creative minded person busy creating new things. shejo dadu too loved me a lot. he would get me diaries, calenders, pens, books. i have a young friend too, my dida. she's a real gem, young at heart even at 80+. i love her a lot. she too loves me. i seriously waited for the vacations/exams to be over. my chhoto mama would come and take me. dida dadu, my mamas all loved me a lot. today i have a maima and little sister too. they too love me. when i think of dida, the first thing that flashes on my mind's eye is the calcutta university institute hall and mahajati sadan hall shows.... pc sarkar magic shows, mamata shankar dance shows, natok...circus...and what not....oh!! i really miss those days dida. i wish we could at our will rewind the best moments of our lives. boromama used to call me bulbuli. after he would return from the office he would call me...\" aamar bulbuli ta koi re?\" i can still hear the call and till date feel the same excitement. chhotomama has always loved me right from his heart. wherever he would go he would get something for me. my mamas have loved me a lot.

i have my jethu and bomma too. it would be really be a mistake on my part if i dont mention about them. along with my dida, as a kid i used to go to my jethu bomma's place. my dada was my friend there. he played with me. bomma-jethu used to take us to the saffari park, circus...they would take me everywhere. they love me a lot. doel my cousin too loves me. my pishimoni pishemoshais all love me a lot. i have my rajadada, deepdada, lorddada, rinki didi partho dada, reshmididi, rhea didi - all my dearest ones. raja dada and lord dada have always been very close to me. as a kid i loved their company. raja dada would play with me, tell me tales of tom and jerry, alice in wonderland. deep dada during kali puja would burn crackers at their terrace. lakshmi puja bhog prepared by pishimoni is another thing i miss these days. my mejopishi makes excellent egg devils, chops and fries. when my mother here makes them i'm reminded of my pishimoni. my chhotopishimoni is also an excellent cook. once i remember she had brought for us red meat cooked for boro dadu's birthday. i still remember its taste scent and colour. arup dada , munia didi too were good to me.

i had so many people around me all my childhood. they are the nearest ones.there are many more i know, i have missed them. but honestly i feel like i have lived my childhood once again. I FEEL SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!! So once again i feel like saying, life is too short. enjoy each and every moment. this moment is too precious, don't ever let it go away from you.

love everyone around you as much as they love you. all are special and precious. once the gem of love is lost it can never be found again. REMIND YOURSELF OF YOUR CHILDHOOD, I'M SURE YOU'LL BE REJUVINATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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