My Garden

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This is a short view that the author gets in her garden which is exceeding peace for her.


A garden is a place where flowers blossom, birds chirp, fruits glow and we enjoy. My garden is small but fantasy. In my garden, there are many fruit trees, flower trees vegetable plants etc. Many living creatures fed on my garden like baby birds in their nests, earthworm in soil and houseflies sting in the fresh air of my garden. My parrot Chip also feels happy when I take him to the garden. It provides us with fresh fruits, vegetables, flowers etc. My gardener peppy loves it most. I think that my garden is the best garden in the world for me. My mother winnow the rice, grandma sews the suit, father takes a walk after eating. All the important roles of our life are performed there. The best thing I love most about my garden is that I learn a lesson from it. I learned that, “We are not made for only ourselves but for others”. As my family, birds, insects, trees, flowers, all creatures and I are directly or indirectly feeding on my garden. Besides this, it is good for our health to eat fresh food, breathe fresh air and live in a fresh environment and all this is in my garden. I daily take a walk in my garden as a refreshing time. I could take as many visits I can in my garden. It is the most pleasing scene that I see in my day.


Submitted: May 13, 2013

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