the diseased patient chapter 2 miles from home

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A BOOK ABOUT A KID WHO IS BORN WITH MANY diseases but get worse as he gets older.

Submitted: April 27, 2010

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Submitted: April 27, 2010



Many months after I got out of the hospital everything started to get back to normal.I was about 2 years old and I was tough.I had a lot of health problems and I was sick a lot.In and out of the hospital gets kind of old.The nurses are cranky,It smells chewable medication,on top of that I hated the noise of the loud machines when im trying to sleep.But it was not all bad though.Like when I got to go to the play room a lot and play with all the awesome like toys.That was awesome in my eyes.The doctors said that the last episode I had was because I was not eating much or drinking much.My parents said we are going out tomorrow and I cant wait to see where we are going."Joey time for bed." "Hush little baby dont say a word mommas going to buy you a mockin bird if that mockin bird dont sing mommas going to buy you a diamond ring. "All I could thing was what an amazing voice my mom had.Millions of tiny bunnies ran around in my head in till I was a sleep all the way."Joey is a sleep now we should go to sleep we have a big day tomorrow." "Ok dear."

"Hey hun do you have the keys"."No I do not, check up stairs on the desk"."Ok."Well seeing my parents getting ready to leave to go out somewhere kind of bugged me a lot because what would happen to me.But just as I thought they would forget me they got me ready.They packed everything including baby blankets,diapers,wipes.Just everything that a baby needs to survive facing the tigers in the jungle.(GULP NOISE) I hope they would not send me miles from home.Thoughts of me fighting off evil snakes and big huge lions danced around in my brain.What about Mr. Big shot?Hmmmm has a very nice ring to it.I love the thought of becoming a wild life survivor.I could be the youngest in the world.I felt like I was Tommy off the rugrats."Hey you guys ready to go on a GREAT BIG ADVENTURE?"Yes hun just drive okay".It was true.They were going to leave me there and take off just for me to fend for myself.Its okay though im a strong boy.

Hey this is not a jungle at all.It looks like a bunch of walk in caves and what are there huge driving homes here for?I could only think one thing I was on a different planet.It all makes sence.I mean I have never seen moving homes or walk in caves before."Hey Joe are you ready to go to the pool."What is a pool I wondered.As we walked there I saw a lot of weird acting people.They acted as if their diapers were full."Okay Joey get in the pool come on." "Don't rush him into it."Alright all I could think was like what do they really want me to do."Lets not rush him into this tonight."Lets go eat dinner hun."I wondered what we were having for dinner that day.Sence we were in such a weird play I could only wonder."You know what I did with the skillet hun?I think its in the trunk."Oh it is silly me well the one place I dont look its their."Its okay hun your brain cells are not always there".Well dinner was not so bad actually to be honest sence we were on a different planet I thought it would have been weird or at least we could of had a toast.Well its finally time for bed for me.

Well It was a very exciting weekend here in Planet blank.But we were finally going back home.I am so excited to be living back in my room and not these small walk in caves."Okay lets go back home you guys.Ihope you guys enjoyed the weekend away at camp GO GO LAKE.We did hun.Thats good.Yeah I could just sit there thinking yet fun.I did not want to be a jerk though.I did enjoy it some what though.

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