Dear Destiny

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A letter to Destiny

Submitted: November 29, 2011

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Submitted: November 29, 2011




I know everything. I've been through what you call hell and I got back up...somehow. I've been sucked into an emotional black hole, slowly, slowly, bit by bit, slowly, and I came right back out from the other end. Sometimes I wish I had ended it right there and then. But why didn't I, I hear you say. You also ask why I'm blaming you. I had a choice, you say? Did I really? Did I really?

Tell me this, Destiny. If I had a choice then why did you threaten me with what I wanted to achieve anyway? Why did you send your demons of the dark to distress me when I was already in distress?Things that weren't there scratched at my face, reached their dirty fingers out towards me, sneered at my weakness in every corner of every room. I remember the shadows... Simple objects such as lamps and mugs gave birth to the silhouettes of dark soldiers holding on to rifles and grenades, intimidating me with their cold glares. Men in black and screaming women in ragged scarves protruded from behind everything that met the eye. I saw he dead and I even let them touch me, hiss at me, scold me. They are the children of the underworld come to haunt me.

And the nights were the worst. Why did you put me through the long hours of staring, almost glaring, at the naked ceiling? What was I trying to find? I'll never know unless you tell me. I saw something not everyone's seen and now what? Was that my punishment? What for? Or am I the privileged one? Was that my reward and am I ungrateful? If you've gone through the effort of slashing the envelope and reading this, please answer to my plea for the truth, even if the truth may kill me.

Destiny, protect me.

Destiny, reject me and at the same time accept me.

Destiny, I'll be waiting,

- Human

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