Less than Good

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trying to describe the way I feel in 8 verses

Submitted: November 28, 2011

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Submitted: November 28, 2011



The water is forcing

its own self

down the cavity inside my face

the water tastes stale

scratching at my pores

the water is acidic now

and the food does not taste right

Positively charged, they say,

let's get you positively charged

Lose electrons, leave the protons

positively charged

Shake my hand then break the bonds

Roast my rage with your remarks and

Freeze my scene to finish off

Broken faces in the sink

reflect the broken sun that

is so ragged, ripped and torn

in the domain of broken songs

Smoke yourself black,

the black man ordered

and the siren said what follows

Less than good,

less than good but more than bad

And the mirror...

it offers no reflection

to the naked vagabond, me

And the mirrors

try to pay attention

their bruised tongues

reaching out,

trying to keep up with

the victim of the

Lightning, me

The yell of thunder crashing

The smell of plunder thrashing

against the shipless bottom

of a shipless sea

The smell of thunder thrashing

The yell of plunder crashing

against the gateless border

of a gateless land...

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