The heart and brain of the society

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If your brain tells you not to do something, do the opposite. Read on...

If your brain tells you not to do something, do the opposite. In fact, ignore anything the brain says because even if what it’s telling you comes out to be true or to be a clever warning, it won’t matter whether you heard it or not because your heart will be sure to tell you all about it anyway. Many people have chosen to ignore the heart, as opposed to the brain and listen to what they think is an “educated guess” processed by the educated brain. But if you think about you have been educated by certain people of power to think in a certain way they want you to think in. Your heart, however, cannot be changed by what people around you talk about, and is always right, no matter what. Because, whereas there is such as concept as “brainwashing”, there’s no such thing as “heartwashing” or “soulwashing.” If you define a “real word” as a word that can be found in a dictionary, then you’re in luck. Or maybe I am. Heartwashing is not in the dictionary. Neither is soulwashing. But brainwashing is. If you’re looking at it from my point of view, however, you might argue that “they” want you to consider brainwashing a real word because it’s part of some plan that is beyond our understanding. Perhaps, they are using reverse psychology. By providing us with the truth about the way the society is run, they are concealing that same truth. So, in a nutshell, they tell the truth because they know we wouldn’t believe it even if they came clean about it.

What the heart tells you, you cannot hear. You can’t physically feel it either; but you can, mentally. That feeling people call “intuition” or “instinct”. It’s very important to take some time to practice “listening” to your heart. Because then, in a sticky situation where you need all of that heart talk, it will be easier to distinguish between the right (the heart’s) and the wrong (the brain’s) decision – in some cases, picking one of these can mean the difference between life and death.

Likewise, politicians, the government, the managers, the teachers, the Church, the monarchs – in one word the authority – are the brain of the society. And likewise, the few protesters and fighters for freedom (all the minor society groups) are the heart of the society: ignored by most, but turn out to be right a lot of the time and take a long time to get used to if not made contact with on a daily basis.

Submitted: October 21, 2011

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