a thought or two on The Man

The Machine

Are you immune yet?
Are you immune yet they say
No? Why so?
Take another
Here's your pill, your weekly dose of amphetamines
You can have it
But first you pay, if you know what I mean
They shove pills down your throat
They soak you in ointment and
They shower you with drugs
And smile that caring smile of Lie and Deception

Do you feel fine? Are you feeling alright?
Then let me connect you to my new apparatus
The neuron detected and there's
no going back
Flash! Flash! A bombardment of flashes
But now it's too late, they've hit the remote
The purge is complete before it is started
Do you feel fine? Are you feeling alright?
Let's disconnect, smile for the camera and
Flash! Flash! Another bombardment

Here's your new brain
At no extra cost
Apart from that of your choice and opinion
They smile at you, all lies and deception
But are you really so blind as to
not see revolvers and machine guns and bullets
all lain on the table?
Your eyes perceive but no longer with meaning
Your ears they can hear but no longer perceive
There was a chain once...
a pure, clean reaction
But now it is dusted, the chain, it is branched,
no longer connecting perspective with thought

You think like it wants you to
See what it wants you to
BELIEVE what it wants you to
And yet...you're the preacher
YOU are the teacher
And you will beseech her

It, her, him, me, us, them, whatever you want
The machine is now working and that's all that matters
A sham display of affection set out as your meal tonight
And you're just a cog, the bulb in the lighthouse
The machine starts to sail to where none belongs...

Submitted: October 21, 2011

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