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Teenage life from the perspective of a group of young adults living in one area and affecting each other's lives in different ways.

Table of Contents

The Square

Introducing Jill. Today you can see life from her perspective and you're taken on a journey as she tries to describe her emotions to you and introduce you to the people she meets on her way Read Chapter

  2.   Crap. Why am I feeling bad about this? I might have lied about the friend part but I have been as honest as ... Read Chapter

3. Great. 9 a.m. on a Saturday and I’m pissed and stoned, making my way through Tesco. Hello there. She’s ignored me. Never m... Read Chapter

  4.   I wish he’d cut the crap out. New message: Josh. I click on it: Hey, babe. Quit ignoring me and pick u... Read Chapter

  5.   She didn’t bring him there on purpose. She didn’t want to annoy me. Stop being angry at her, Neville. He... Read Chapter

6. “I thought you said you were new to this place,” I say as I hand him some cream for his coffee. We’re sitting at the little ... Read Chapter

  7.   There’s a light drizzle as I’m making my way towards college. Slowly. Still nursing that headache. What... Read Chapter

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