Death of an Angel

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
A man's selfishness brings him to his lowest point - and then lower..

Submitted: September 26, 2018

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Submitted: September 26, 2018



There lives a man with no passion. A man with mundane hobbies and uninspiring ambition. He is a sad, unfulfilled man.

In his prime though, the man had experienced many things. Exciting things; cool things, dangerous things, fulfilling things. The man used to have healthy hobbies. He used to go on trips. He had experiences. He used to be well liked and charming. The man had an awesome daughter and that man was accepted to be a good man and loving father.

But now he feels it doesn’t matter. The man thinks of his daughter and how he let her down. He thinks of the poor choices he made. He gave her tough love when she needed intervention. “You must make a choice, to stay in your bad marriage or leave California”, he told her. He thought he was so wise.

But he wasn’t wise and his arrogance cost him his daughter’s life. Now, with little to do but go to work; with no one to love but himself, the man waits to die. To prove he’s serious, he keeps the tools where he can find them. He keeps his belongings clean, for when it happens.

He thinks of her every night. He remembers the sadness in her voice when she begged for him to come back to California to see her. “I have work, Punkin.” He told her, as if he couldn’t take a vacation. Then later that night he got the call from her husband. She had been drinking and they got into an argument. She drove to a bar and drank nine shots. Somehow, she was able to drive to a friend’s house and pass out on their bed. She never woke up.

She was beautiful. She had a good heart. People loved her. She loved them. And she died.

Why should he get to live?

The man is healthy. He’s been that way all his life. He’s never sick, beyond a cold. Never injured beyond stitches. Even, as a child, when his parents beat him or left him locked out of the house while they vacationed, he never really suffered. Not like abused children on TV. Even in the Army with bullets and danger, he wasn’t in real danger. Not like you see in the news or in the movies.

He’s never been rich but he’s never been without money. There’s always been an opportunity, a friend, a family member to show in the nick of time to give the financial boost he needed.

He looks forward to death. He rarely socializes. He wastes his days away at work and wastes his nights away online, consuming videos and games. He reads current events on his phone while he eats dinner. He waits to die.

He is lonely. In the past he bedded more than his share women and it made him happy when he needed it. Attracting lovers is harder now. His personality has suffered. His charm is gone. His fit body is fleshy and soft. He’s certainly not good looking now. He is tired and unmotivated. He’s a hundred pounds heavier and 20 years older than back in his prime. Back when everything was easier.

Yet, being lonesome and undesirable arent reasons to die. Even so, he yearns for the release.

The release of what? He struggles with this. He’s torn. He’s not had a bad life. Some would envy his situation, his health, his credit, his reputation.  Yet, he’s still empty inside.

He lost his daughter over four years ago, yet he wakes from dreams of just hanging out with her. He likes his dreams of their time together. There’s no drama in his dreams. They never fight or quarrel. He never lectures her. For those sweet moments he’s with her He’s happy again. But then he wakes and finds he’s been crying in his sleep. He misses her so. He can tell no story of her without welling up with heavy tears. She was an awesome girl. And a good person. Better than he could ever be.

Yet, he lives. She does not. It’s really not right. He’s lived his life, a decent life that he has somehow been able to walk backward and succeed. He knows that many times, it was through the compassion and opportunities that others have provided. They were better than he. He never deserved their care but they gave. He never deserved to live but she did.

It makes no sense that he lives and she does not.

One day, when he fills especially empty, lost, lonely, and in a pitiful state, he asks God to let him go. He is earnest. He sobs. He has no energy to find purpose.

“Please let me die”, he says aloud. And again, and a third time.

Outside, there is a thunder clap powerful enough to shake his house.  Followed by a scream, familiar and piercing. Both are so loud and sudden, that the man jerks out of his reverie and runs outside.

He sees parts of his front yard are aflame. He sees a circle, still smoldering from the impact of something awful, scorched into the ground. The stench of evil things hangs in the black smoke. In the center of the circle there is a large creature, volcanic in form, standing victorious in the center. His hand smokes where it holds an angel aloft. Feathers fall and blood drips to the ground, creating tiny sparks of flame as each disintegrate when they touch the scorched earth. The angel’s halo dims as she slumps, lifeless in his grip.

She is so beautiful. She seems so familiar.


Her eyes open and there is so much sorrow in them, the man must look away. He can’t meet the angel’s gaze. In a moment he knows.

His daughter died. She should not have a second chance. But she had a good soul and good intentions and because of those things and because of her love for her father - she was given a chance for redemption. She was given a chance to guard the one she loved the most. She chose to protect her father.

For an angel, there are few barriers. There’s little that can block their travel. Walls, ceilings, indeed, even time is no barrier. So, she protects her father throughout time and through inexplicable paradoxes. When he is a baby, she pushes away sickness. When his family attacks him, she nudges the boy to safety. As a teen, she keeps away people that would harm him. While he is in the Army, she keeps him from war so he’s never exposed to danger, even when jumping from airplanes in the dead of night. As a young man, she never judges why he beds the women he beds or the secrets he keeps.

She even guides him, in mysterious ways known only to angels. She watches him raise herself. He does the best he can. He fails sometimes. But, whenever he is in need, she whispers to those that would help him. She keeps him warm enough when others freeze. She guards him from evil.

To make him happy she gives him all she can. Throughout his entire life. For an angel, there are few barriers, but angels are not gods.

Today, he has forsaken her and thus broken her Geis. She is cast out of heaven for failure. The bargain was struck. The devil gets his due.

She has always known this and when she looks upon her father one last time, it is with love.

The man looks up. There is nothing he can say. There are no tears left to cry.

“This is simply delicious!” The demon exclaims. “A plate of divine meat!” He runs his mouth across her shoulder.

The man collapses.  But he is does not die.


© Copyright 2020 Professionalsmell. All rights reserved.

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