The Douglas Rifts, Part I: Pleasently Perfect

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Isaac Douglas was merely the Manager of The New Large Hadron Collider of NeoCERN of Manchester. A simple Physicist, with an Intelligence Quotient of 183, who wished to resolve the mystery of Black holes, Space-Time travel, and the escape of an Event Horizon.
Little does he know where it all leads him.
Pushed nearly 3100 years into the future, He finds himself in a world where speaking of Particle science is taboo, unless you speak of the Douglas Rifts.
And he, himself, as one of the most infamous figures in all of history to be the founder of The Douglas Rifts which enabled entire galaxies to meet.

He is the Key to the Micro Hadron Collider, to the future of living beings, to the Universe itself.
Isaac finds himself trapped in a deadly game, where he is the prize...
His only goal: The freedom of the Universe, and of himself.

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The Mistake

Submitted: May 05, 2008

Isaac Douglas seemed to be just another figure, if any other figure, of human history. He never expected to make history books, not even the local papers.
In the year 2085, he exists, and thus is where he belongs...

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