My Future is an Open Book

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An essay about my possible future I made for my Reserve Officer Training Corp Finals.

Submitted: December 18, 2012

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Submitted: December 18, 2012



My Future is an Open Book NJROTC C/SN Lewis Echo Platoon

One of the possible careers I'm interested in is aerospace engineering. Aerospace engineering is a term used to describe a broad range of jobs that involve designing and testing aircraft and spacecraft.

I've always been interested in the Military, technology, and a light interest in putting things together. If I become an aerospace engineer for a company like Boeing or Lockheed Martin, I will be able to help create flying craft for the Military. Boeing and Lockheed Martin have made several craft for the Military, as well as commercial aircraft.

I honestly do not know much financial knowledge or what is considered a "good" annual income, but the average income for an aerospace engineer with a Master's Degree and 10 years of experience can exceeds $100,000. According to some research I did for a school project last January, anyway.

The only real problem I see now is math. I'm fairly good at math, but it has always been a problem for me. Sometimes I wonder if I can handle the amount of math necessary to be an aerospace engineer.

If I end up changing my focus away from aerospace engineering, I am considering any number of jobs in the actual Military. That will always be a solid back-up plan in case others have not worked out. I do not think it will be my first choice, though.

Along with aerospace engineering and the Military, I am keeping my options open. There are certainly thousands of jobs that fit me and hundreds of careers I would enjoy. Before any of this happens, of course, I will go to college.

Then there's the task of establishing a strongsocial life, which is a another huge challenge in itself...

At least for me, anyway.

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