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Submitted: April 26, 2016

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Submitted: April 26, 2016



I live in a two storey semi-detached house in the middle of a suburb; this house has a kitchen, lounge and two bedrooms. From Monday to Friday I work in a factory as a manager, a job I enjoy as I like working with people. Following my normal workday I may go out for a few drinks with work colleagues and then head home.

I walk through the door and kick off my shoes, and hang up my work clothes in the wardrobe, and then I go to bed and read a book. I have problems sleeping at night, so I usually read until two thirty in the morning and then stop and put my book down, as I have an alarm that quietly sounds around this time. When this alarm goes off, I stop reading. The room is dark, dimly lit by the luminescent light. I look at the only place that is not touched by the moonlight, which is the furthest corner in the room. When the alarm stops sounding around five minutes later, I stare intently at this corner of the room in utter silence, waiting. The miasma emanating from that corner leaves me almost paralyzed and my movements become heavy, I knew what was going to happen.

The shape slowly walked forward from the darkness, stopping before the moonlight. You could only faintly see its figure, which is similar to a normal human’s height. But nothing was human about those eyes. Those big, yellow eyes that give you vertigo, feeling more and more giddy as you get sucked deeper into the yellow vortex, black pupils at the centre. Those eyes would stare at you in utter silence; you couldn’t even hear it breathe. It embodied the darkness in the way that it would not move, like it was completely immobilised. All I could do is return the stare and remain absolutely still.

After around ten minutes, which seems like forever; the shape would then slowly back away into the darkness. The big yellow eyes would slowly close and the figure would disappear. The room becomes still and peaceful again, and I will have another night with very little sleep. But I will be awake at the same time the next morning, at two thirty-five, as I do not wish to imagine what those yellow eyes intend to do if I dare fall asleep. 

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