My First Romance Diary! (For cute and cheesy romance contest)

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A contest entree!fake events!

Submitted: August 06, 2012

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Submitted: August 06, 2012




Dear Diary,

OH MY GOD!Josh the cutest nerd in class went on a date!I can't help smiling because the cutest,Nerdyest boy in fourth grade really likes me!!Me Lilly the most craziest girl in fourth grade!Well Jake and I went to the hollow tree down the street from our houses.I wore the cutest clothes I had and even put on perfume.He was so adorable in hes black T-Shirt and jeans!Well He said I was cute today(EEEEEAAAHHHHHH)I just acted normal and thanked him.I blushed as her got closer to me as we walked down the street.I then stopped shocked as I saw a peice of wood stuck on the top of the hollow tree."Did you do that?" I asked so trapped in his dreamy trance,He nodded leading me inside the hollow tree.I then saw a pinic blanket and a pinic basket on top of the wood.I climbed up the branches to the pinic basket.We sat there eating when he brushed up againist me wrapping his arm around me!I blushed and we finshed our pinic.I climbed down and  all sudden it started raining.he climbed down and the came in closer.I was exspecting him to kiss me on the cheek,when HE KISSED ME ON MY LIPS!(EEEEEAAHH)It felt like the kissing went on forever!I smiled and he then said something that made my heart flutter!"I'll see you at school just remember not to cheat on me."I was so happy to hear that I HAD MY FIRST BOYFRIEND!I have to go I have a Boyfriend waiting!!!! 

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