A Revenge Song

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I'm tired of all the pain you put me through. It's my time to stand up and fight. I'm not backing down. I'm not giving in. I'm gonna be strong.

Submitted: August 21, 2007

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Submitted: August 21, 2007



A Revenge Song


You know, there's a limit to what I will take;

I'm not made of glass, but still, I might break.

Don't say that I'm weak; that mistake is too old

When your biggest mistake is about to unfold.


I know you think that I won't fight what I've heard;

(Yes that was me hanging off your every word,)

But soon there will come a time in my life

Where I take back what's mine with a twist of a knife.


For I'm sick and tired of this petty game,

While you're playing with fire I'm taking the blame.

I won't be held down by the weight of your scorn;

Before I'm done, you'll be sorry you're born.


Trust has a limit, and I've finally reached mine;

I know that right now you think this is fine,

But I won't just bow down with my head on the block

If you think I'm that weak, be prepared for a shock.


I'm not beaten enough to give in to the pain;

I won't see the sun til I've walked through the rain.

And there's more meaning in the raise of my head,

Than in all of the words about me that's said.


No matter how you hurt me, I know I won't fall;

So how does it feel with your back against the wall?

No matter the pressure, I know I won't run;

So how does it feel when you're finally outdone?


There's a razor-sharp danger in all of my looks;

I'm no longer the girl who hides in her books

You really think that I'll submit to your hate?

I won't just blindly give in to my fate!


It's time that I stand and fight what is wrong;

Injustice is more than a word for the strong.

I'm facing the music and it's my time to dance;

I'm going to break you and you don't have a chance.


I'm so sick and tired of this petty game;

I think that it's time you start taking the blame.

You won't make me yield with your common scorn,

And I won't back down when the hate is reborn.

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