Less than Three

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I'm not here for nothing; there's a joy in this place. (I could stay here forever, if I could.

Submitted: April 16, 2007

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Submitted: April 16, 2007



Less than Three


(This one’s for the fangirls)


I’m signing on and logging in; I’m checking your friendslist and replying to that comment posted at four in the morning you missed. I’m your favorites list, and scrolling through it checking for updates. I’m the smell of early-morning coffee as you make one quick post in your blog before heading off to school.

I’m the waiting, all throughout the droll day of school, to come home and see what’s been going on while you were conjugating that verb and finding X. I’m sneaking into the school’s computer lab at lunch to make just one quick post before sneaking out again.

I’m coming home and booting up, and thank goodness for that high-speed connection you splurged on three months ago. I’m re-scrolling, seeing just that sort of drama unfolded while you were I(n) R(eal) L(ife).

I’m posting. I’m the long-winded political debates and the short IM comments. I’m omg and lol and, yes, even the occasional wtf.

I’m that new, professional-quality fanart from the member you’ve idolized since you found their work, and that one, perfect fanfic you read that makes you laugh and weep and throw down your pen, knowing you’ll never be able to write like that (but inspiring you to try, all the same).

I’m 100x100 icons, and Livejournal headers, and friends-only banners, and signatures--funny, silly, adorable, mean, or sad. I’m the search, and the find; the making, and the using; the giving, and the receiving.

I’m webcomics; your first, the one you’ll never forget; your favorite, the one you keep reading over and over again.

I’m Mary Sue, whether you love her or hate her.

I’m ‘ajklhdwgrsszqep’ and 10,100 pageviews and 100 reviews and the warm glow you feel the first time you win an internet.

(I’m trolls and n00bs and flames and wank, and not letting it bother you because you love this place too much to give it up because of them.)

I’m ‘type out your own words’ and ‘at least a paragraph of length’. I’m spellcheck, and Dictionary.com, and typing up your big posts in Microsoft Word just to be sure.

I’m getting insomnia, and posting your lack of sleep-induced masterpiece online for everyone to wake up to in the morning. I’m getting on at four a.m. because here, at least, you know someone is on.

I’m friendslists; the people you meet online that come into your life and give you something; that help you grow, and support your goals.

I’m personality quizzes, and changing your answers because you don’t like your result; memes, and putting your music player on shuffle and writing down the songs that come up no matter how embarrassing they are.

I’m the first time something you read makes you cry because, at last, someone gets it and you finally understand that you’re not alone anymore.

I’m you, making memories and finding friendship and happiness when you thought the world had deserted you.

I’m IM conversations, and RPGs. Chat-rooms and forums. I’m Quizilla and Fictionpress; Myspace and Slashdot; Proboards and digg; Fanfiction.net and deviantART; Livejournal.

I’m cyberspace.

I’m fandom.

I’m less than three

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