My Favorite Things

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Just as the title says: my five favorite things; the moments I treasure above all.

Submitted: March 22, 2008

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Submitted: March 22, 2008



My Favorite Things, or: Five Exhibits of Escaping Reality


Sitting on the couch at home watching Babylon 5. The lights are bright against the darkness outside, and I let the words, the music, and the story of my absolute favorite show wash over me. There is nothing else in this world besides me and the characters on the screen; a whole other world that is so much more and means so much more than the mundane one I live in.

Reading manga in a bookstore café. I sip an iced chai tea and take bites out of a delicious piece of cheesecake, while I flip through the pages of a series new to me--or maybe an old favorite. I enjoy the sweet flavor of the second best drink ever, (after Sunkist) and savor the rich taste of cheesecake; my favorite dessert. There is such a calming effect of just sitting there, leisurely eating, drinking, and flipping through the pages of a good story. The world can pass me by and I won’t mind being left by the wayside for a while.

Running through the woods with my sister and a couple friends. The weight of my wooden sword is heavy in my hand, and by the time we are done exploring and fighting monsters, the sun is setting and my pants are stained with grass and mud. The noises of the outside world diminish until they fade altogether, and it is easy (so easy) to imagine that we really are the warriors of old we pretend to be. I feel stronger and braver than anywhere else (jumping across deep water and scaling steep hills and running for far longer than I could any other place), and I feel the part of my soul that feels it was born in the wrong age awaken and flourish. Maybe one day, when I have a steady job, I will buy out that stretch of wood we mark as ours, and it will be a testament to those times when I arrived home dirt-streaked and out of breath and oh so happy.

Getting online at night, surfing through fandom and finding new jewels in every post: art, writing, icons, essays, and the occasionally bit of inane humor. The keys of my computer are well-worn and the sites I visit a familiar second home. I am constantly awe-struck by the wonder and joy the internet brings me, and when the tears run down my face as they do sometimes when I find another person (who lives in California; in Iceland; in China) who gets what no one else ever did.

Going to Animazement, all dressed up in full costume, with a wallet full of cash earned from hard work for just this purpose. Seeing the hundreds of other like-minded fans, watching the cosplay masquerade, and buying tons of things in the dealer’s room. It’s the one time of year that I am around so many other fans that watch the same shows and understand my random, obscure references and know just who I am dressed as. Everyone is friendly and you can meet people who will be your friends for life. The hundred-odd people that gather here once a year move almost as one entity. We share the same mind; our hearts beat as one.

These moments; some that happen nearly every day, others that are awaited every year like a second Christmas, shape my life and my thoughts. They made me who I am, help me get through the tough times of life, and are able to take me away from the harsh reality when I need to be taken away. They are the most enjoyable and fun and moving moments of my seventeen years on this planet. They encompass all of the things that mean the most to me--and all the things I will fight hardest not to lose when I graduate this year.

The best moments.

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