Server Waltz

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There is something special here, despite all the pain and darkness of humanity. I'd like to show it to you...

Part of an on-going series of poetry, fiction, and non-fiction about virtual communities and fandom. Started by Less Than Three.

Submitted: September 23, 2007

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Submitted: September 23, 2007



Server Waltz


There is a girl with sixteen names;

Thirteen faces, seven fames.

There is a boy who has no voice,

Behind his words there is a choice.


Some wear others, some use their own.

Some are revealed, some never shown.

A different meaning behind every one,

Some underused, some overdone.


For some there are many, for some there is few;

Each one has a story you never knew

There are those you will remember, those you will never.

We are never apart, always together.


Some come for debate here, others by chance;

Some you'll adore, others you'll pass without glance.

Some staying long, some passing through almost never.

Some who are in love with this place forever.


They all have their circles, a bright woven chain,

That encircles, entwines; never the same.

In a world this large, there's always some thing,

That will be your horizon; your grounding string.


There is art; there is beauty, diamonds in rough;

There are mirrors to lives where it's always tough;

There is thought very deep and humor inane,

There are some people who must be insane.


We are largely forgotten by the world beyond;

But within our boundaries we share one bond:

We are all connected, by it matters not what;

We love who we are; we walk with a strut.


Some live it large, some play it small;

Some who have everything; some nothing at all.

Here there be dragons, and monsters so cruel,

There are the many that will make you the fool.


There are times you'll despair, think you're alone,

There are times where you will not be your own.

But through each dark time there will come light,

Sometimes small, sometimes big, but always bright.


For no matter how bad things here may seem,

(There are those who themselves can never redeem)

There this something beautiful here to be found:

Friends and acceptance and love so profound.


We all come together, and together we're strong,

Between wires and screens we weave our song.

For thought there is darkness here on the net,

We will give you something you'll never forget...

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