Silver Wings

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A normal woman with a secret side. A goddess clan in suit and tie. You'll never see her power--but it's there all the same...

Submitted: September 07, 2007

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Submitted: September 07, 2007



Silver Wings


She sits beside you on the train

She's the one who makes it rain

You see her in a suit with a briefcase at her side

But when the moon in full, she dances in the tide.


She gives without care and takes without thought

She watches as her dreams all come to naught

She attends all the meetings and is given a promotion

But she can capture your heart with the slightest motion.


She flies like a raven on ebony wings

She plans your fate with her magic strings

She can break up your soul and play with the shards

But the very next day she'll send you her regards.


She can twist your truth into lies

She can see the future with her eyes

You can catch her but you can't let go

She helps the sun stay aglow.


She's danger, she's poison, she's a knife in the dark

She can cackle like a crow and sing like a lark

She's the strength of the earth and the heat of the fire

She can pass through walls and you can't deny her.


She's something; she's everything--she's nothing at all

She'll watch you hit the ground then help break the fall

She's perfection; a nightmare--somewhere in between

She'll fall to pieces then come out looking clean.


She walks between the moon and sun

You think she's nothing then you think she's the one

She might seem caught, then she'll slip right through

And you'll never know that she's right beside you.

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