Bowed heads in almost silence

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free verse

Submitted: August 16, 2012

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Submitted: August 16, 2012



The drones that speak

Every morning,

A buzzing of duty.

Somehow I have been rejected-

I cannot join,

Nor do I feel that I would,

If I could.

Should I?

In a time when

Everyone's Exceptional,

It's not enough.

How does one make a name?

Or, a smaller goal,

How would one exist?

Taught not to make waves,

It's what we are urged to do.

Why do I listen

To the buzzing?

Like the news,

Tearing heads apart

To pollute

And procreate- 

I intend to stay.

Do not touch me,

Or reality will surely return,

And I don't believe

I could live through that

Or for that.

I must stay, 

Without me this place would cease

And the feelings that reside here

Become homeless. 

Wretched creatures though they are-

I grant sanctuary

And dare not take it away.

I intend to stay.


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