Dont' lie.

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Rating for the subject of the poem. But the words are all appropriate, no imagery or anything. XD Wrote this for my baby, like most of the best ones. God I love him more than anything. This poem was actually a barrier breaker for me. By writing "I wish we could make love" instead of just hinting at it, I was able to broaden what I was comfortable with writing. Which worked out well. I'm a fairly passionate person sometimes. ;)

Submitted: April 23, 2010

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Submitted: April 23, 2010



You ask me

What I think you said

That night

That was really afternoon.

Hun, it's not what I think,

It's what I heard.

I left out that part

Because there are certain things

I'm afraid

Of immortifying

In writing.

Maybe it's those things

That need to be said.

When your heart

Was beating so fast

You said

"I wish we could make love."

It doesn't hurt

Near as much

As I thought it would

To admit it, to make it true.

It doesn't

Make me feel

Near as bad

As keeping it in did,

To agree, to say

I wish we could too.

That doesn't change the facts,

That we aren't there yet.

We still can't.


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