The Valentine's Plot

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Like the play on the title? Plot, like a plan, plot like a grave...

Submitted: August 16, 2012

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Submitted: August 16, 2012



Reminded of a conversation

The valentine's special

At a funeral home-

By a commercial

Of a different home-

Though I suppose they're all the same,


Permeated by the smell of grief,

Longing and hurt-

How many left-behind lovers,

Devastated mothers

Fathers, sisters, brothers...

How many deaths,

Simply nature caused,

And what number,

The percentage of closed eyes

Who's own hand cut the hair,

The numeral representing

The too young lives 

No one could save-

Arabic in origin,

But in meaning-

So much more.

And the thought,


But not vanished-

A simple intrusion

That feels so wrong- 

The tiny children I imagined

Alive and speaking,

Proclaiming in their silliness,

Something about babysitters,

And life seems meaningless,

And yet...

It goes on.

So perhaps,

I should take a leaf,

And learn a lesson

From a mistake I nearly made-

I too, should go on.


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