Forgotten Sunrise

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I go to sleep way too early in the morning... that's all i can say about this one...

Submitted: May 20, 2008

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Submitted: May 20, 2008



"Forgotten Sunrise" -Written at 4:25am (Thursday, Sept. 27 2007)

Too many days it's been since I've risen before noon.
A transition from thoughtful, to thoughtless
I now define my day between the hours of midday and dawn
Unknowingly sacrificing my mornings to slumber, and my days to nothing
At first it seemed I was "living" while others slaved away
I was free, they were imprisoned
Not only do I now watch the sun fall, but see it rise as well
Never completely. Just the beginnings of morning.
Right as the birds begin to sing, and the grass begins to dry
As society begins to turn, I crawl under covers. Hiding from reality.
My mind is in reverse it seems.
I've forgotten the meaning of sunrise, as I have many things
But I've realized a simple truth in all of this...
I've realized that, It's time to grow up.
Can I?

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