The Roses Fell to the Floor

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Guy finds his girl cheating on him... That's about it...

Submitted: May 20, 2008

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Submitted: May 20, 2008



"The Roses Fell to the Floor"

Just in time to ring the bell at seven p.m. sharp. Takes one last deep breath before the night begins. Right hand grasping tightly around the bouquet of flowers picked just moments ago from the flourist. The doorknob turns, and in that same moment he steps back, shifting his weight from his left foot to the other. She's incredible, just the sight of her alone makes him hold his breath. But there is something not right....something in the way she looks at him with half a smile. Puzzled he peers around the door, and within seconds the Roses Fell to the Floor. Composing himself, he gives her a smile, as she looks at him sadly, and pulls out his keys. Then turns and walks towards his car. He can hear her behind him sweeping the roses together and up off the porch into her arms. Within seconds he hears her call from behind him. He opens the door and turns to see her standing right behind him. There are tears in her eyes and she says, "I'm sorry".
"So am I," he answers as he shuts the door and drives off. Once again the Roses Fell to the Floor.

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