blue sky

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A house keeper work all the day,and returns home after she finishes her work.She feels freedom and see the open blue sky.

In the early morning Sonia got up from bed,finished daily  morning  duties,evacuation,washing,breakfast making,eating and got ready to go to Mr Wilson's house.She works there as a house keeper.Mr Wilson,the old man goes to office,leaving her seek wife in home.Mrs.Wilson paralyzed,passes whole day sitting on wheel chair,can't do any work.So she needed help of a house keeper.

Sonia works there as house keeper,she needs money for meeting the expenses of her family.In morning she comes out doing the things nessesary for her husband and her only child Brittney,makes breakfast.then come to the professional duty.Her daughter going to school,she needs fees,dress,have other expenses like providing food,etc.She tries to help her husband to carry on the expenses,burden and tries to leave a peaceful life..

Mrs.Wilson,doesn't have any children.Whole day pases on wheel chair.she is been paralized for three years,One day,coming from outside climbing the stairs,,suddenly slipped andfell down from stairs,and became paralyzed.This horrible event she don't want to remind.She also don't want to remind that she even don't have any baby.What a miserable life for her.This is her fate.She can't do anything.

Mrs .Wilson got the company of Sonia.Continuosly she talks with her.Sonia responds but sometimes she feels disturbed.She remains quiet,don't answer,but Mrs.Wilson doesn't shut her mouth.She continues,though she understand Sonia is feeling disturbed.She talks with her own.thus she wants to forget everything.

Sonia sometimes gets tired working whole day.She had to do everything.She can't leave before 8p.mThen she can go back home.Gets freedom,the sky then become darker,not as blue like the morning she comes here.She can't see open big blue sky whole day.Yesterday she cried when came on the street thinking about her prison life.Very beginning of the day she enters the prison,and her work is punishments, at night she is out of prison.Then she meets her daughter and husband.

Mrs.wilson passes time alone.She pushes headphone on ear,listen to music and songs of old days.Sometimes read books,watch TV,or sometimes just sit beside the open window,keeps eye on street,Sonia walks away and she waits for her husband's return.She watches a part of starry dark sky.Tries to remind for how long she hasn't gone out.Hasn't seen open big blue sky!Who's gonna take her down to ground?Her husband has become older,He can't lift her on arms to take her downstairs!For how long she had to live a life like this?Her mind gets upset.

Mr.Wilson returns home.The only happy and good time for everyone.Mr.and Mrs.Wilson,Sonia,her husband.only time to be with someone  very near and dearest.The only good time,only free moment to express feelings to other,to lough,to cry,to be angry,to be beloved.What they all misses whole day,every day.

Mr.Wilson opens the bottle of champaign,take one peg for own and one peg forwarded for her Mrs.They become engaged in talking.Night becomes darker.Mr .Wilson closes all the windows.Soon they will go to bed.

Mr.Wilson keeps a proposal. Tell Mrs.about his plan to go outside next weekend .Two friends and their family will go with them.Friends will help Mrs.Wilson to get her down.Mrs.Wilson became very happy and accepted the proposal at once.At last the opportunity has come to the door to cross the door and go out.She plans everything,lunch,drink,games they will play and every little thing.

Mrs.Wilson knows Mr.Wilson's  friends and their family very well.She is very much acquainted with them.So expect she would fully enjoy the day .Feel free to talk.

Mrs.Wilson could ask her husband to take her out.But she didn't wanted  to bother.Didn't wanted to create pressure.He has became older,still works for living.How she can demand anything from him?She goes to bed and dream.

Next morning when Sonia came Mrs.wilson delivered the news that Wilson couple is going out next weekend.Even Sonia became happy learning this.And this is also her reason for happiness that she will be released from work on that day.She sets up her mind that she would tell her husband to plan to go  out with family too.

Sonia with her little daughter and husband go out and enjoy the weekend.This brings a extraordinary joy in her mind.She smiles that it has no ending.A whole day with family under the big open blue sky,which ends in far distance,touches the ground.A day of freedom.


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