Eyes Search

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a man proposed love,but refused.man tried to forget but kept shadow on mind of the lady.

--------------(.  1. )---------------

Rebecca started to walk backward as she came to learn that the pen  was not on her pocket.Kept eyes on the street,searching every inch,if she can get back  the pen .She is sure that she took it on pocket from the desk before leaving the room.

It's holiday but she started for office as there was important meeting of board about the company's new project.She is most wanted as she  is the  secretary.Rebecca ended searching as she reached the gate of her home.She entered the gate and started search til' finishes to the desk.But she couldn't find out the pen.This is very special pen for her and she doesn't want to loose it anyway.


This pen is  special because someone gave it to Rebecca as gift.Red colour ballpoint of renown company is a little precious.Till now she has been carefully possessing this pen.The pen is gift  from John,Rebecca's friend from boyhood.

She tried to remind where she left the pen last time.She doesn't write with it,but always keep with her,ink is finished though.Two years before John left this city and went to another city for job.Since then,he hasn't came here .John gave this pen on that time.

John a tall handsome guy has weakness in heart for Rebecca .And  Rebecca  the beautiful lady knows that very much.But she doesn't care much for this because she thinks she can't be more than a friend  in relation with John.Jhon expresses his love in so many ways,try to make her feel his fervency,but no hope!At last he decided to live outside the city and by the time. forget her.

Rebecca at the beginning didn't feel anything as he left the place where both are living for years together She was busy in work  and in leisure reading books and listening songs.But slowly  she  started to feel Job and his absence.She started to feel isolated.And with time ,she became impatience.When she could see him again?

---------------(. 2. )------------

She even don't know his address,where he is living.Jhon knows Rebecca's address.But he hasn't sent any mail to her.There is no way to communicate  him.She starts to search in memory if any contact,any link she can find out!Join had no relative.He is an orphan.The man took him adoption,also died three years before.Here in this city Richard built a hut  where  John living.Jhon got the father,his shelter,love,affection everything.He became educated,he became human.

After the death of his father his loneliness eating him up.He comprehended the significance of family.Then he decided to marry Rebecca.But Rebecca couldn't understand this.She just wanted to live free.

The pen she couldn't find out,she became mad.Cried lying on bed,threw flower  VA's,book shewas reading,her pen for writing.Didn't eat anything and slept away when became tired.She slept deeply.

Next in the morning she woke up and finished regular morning duties of evacuation,washing,taking breakfast.Then she decided to go where Jhon's hut is.Rebecca live with her parents here in this house.They are now on a tour to Nepal,a neighbouring country.There they will stay few more days .Then they'll get back.Rebecca is the only child of her parents.

Rebecca with black long hair and black big eyes,pink lips,slim figure. very lovely looking young  lady,very calm and gentle,very emotional.She has all the features,qualities that you can tell her an ideal lady.But she is a little heartless!How she can forget to keep address fro John?Kept no communication with him at all?Such a good man who loves her so much! No this don't  leave any excuse!She also realizes now she had done very wrong.And this feeling hurting her so much that she cried sitting on the bus.She was looking distressed.The look grew sympathy within the old man sat beside her.The old man kept his hand rubbing on Rebecca's head""why you're crying baby?Don't cry!Everything will be o.k."

She was looking lovely.....Oh! Lord!

-----------(. 3. )------------

Rebecca couldn't know where he was.She went to Jon's hut.But couldn't enter because the outdoor was locked.No one can tell his whereabout.She came back home,almost broke up.She couldn't decide what she can do now.She took a book of poetry from desk,tried to read,nothing entering her head,nothing understood,just read.Feeling quite impossible to pass the time.Made a cup of coffee.Nothing at the moment is possible to accept simply.

She decided to take leave from office for few days.Once she was such attentive and devoted to work,now she is denying.In the meantime parents came back home.Rebecca felthappy and got released from isolation.She was dying the days she was living alone.She cried embracing her dad,talked about Jhon.Felt relief from heavy load of pain.She smiled again,joined office within few days,because natural.The pen she found.The clerk of the office collected the pen when he found it in garbage,after sweeping.He knows this pen belongs to Miss Rebecca.He gave it back after her return to work.

Now the pen is only memento of Whom.

Days come,day goes by.Thus summer goes,rain come,thereafter autumn,winter ,spring.Year ends but the long waiting for the  man doesn't end.Rebecca's eyes still search John.

.----------The End-------



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first I couldn't understand how should I give the content in editor.so the story eyes search was empty ,without content.sorry to the readers I couldn't gave the contain.now it is uploaded.please visit and read my short story "Eyes Search".

Tue, July 30th, 2019 11:33am

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