The Day the Wind Blew

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This is a short story about how quickly your life can change. I might keep it as a short story, but I think it may have the potential to be continued into a novel. Let me know what you think.

Submitted: July 10, 2012

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Submitted: July 10, 2012




It was a beautiful day. The sun was shining down and cast a warm sensation upon my shoulders. I lay there for what seemed like hours, taking in the fresh air and sweet smell of spring time. The grass had formed a soft bed where I lay and the clouds danced in the sky where I gazed. It was a perfect day. I watched as a butterfly flew up and danced in the air around me. It was all just so beautiful. Slowly I sat up and took a look around me. There was nothing in sight, only waves upon waves of long grass and then beyond that miles of beautiful blue ocean. I had come down here a lot, it was my place. My special place that nobody knew about. It was a place I could go to think about my thoughts and just be alone. 

Sometimes I just needed to be alone. I love my big family, but things just get too hectic at times. I was the second youngest of the family. I was also the only girl, well sort of the only girl. My older sister Vivienne had left along time ago. She said she had wanted to get out of this small town and see the world, so one day she just left. She packed up all her bags and left town with her boyfriend on the back of his motorcycle. I was nine years old at the time. It’s been almost five years since Viv left, but I still can’t get used to the fact that when I wake up she’s not going to be downstairs reading one of her biographies. She would always be reading everything. She was like my dad so much, they were both big bookworms. He always told us “Knowledge is the sharpest sword.” Viv took that to heart and from then on read anything she could get her hands on. She wanted to know everything and be able to talk about every subject. I admired her so much.

Viv was the apple of my father’s eye. He was a teacher and loved to talk about all the interesting facts Vivienne was able to share with him. They would often discuss everything from Aristotle to working conditions in third world countries. I was always so lost. I tried to have an input in the conversation, but I would always end up looking stupid, but Viv and Dad always acted like what I said was the smartest thing in the world. I loved Viv so much, but my dad had instilled a sense of curiosity and adventure in her, and there was none of that for her in this small town. That’s why she left, she was fed up. Occasionally we get postcards from her that are from Peru or Ghana. It was always somewhere exotic. Now that she’s gone all I have left is my dad. 

I lay back down on my bed of grass and stared up at the clouds trying to find faces and pictures within them. It’s funny how much we overlook the little things in life. How on a beautiful sunny day, we don’t take the time to inhale a deep breath and appreciate life. There is always something to do, somewhere to be, or something that would be a more efficient use of our time. At times I think the human race has turned into robots, all set into their programmed routine that they cannot break. That’s why I skipped school today. Things were getting too ordinary, I was starting to become a robot and that is something I cannot allow to happen. I always have to find some way to break the routine, to do something out of the ordinary. That is why I had the lovely idea to to go the beautiful grassy field by the ocean. Instead of listening to droning on of my teacher, I get to hear the soft hush of the waves crashing against the shore and the whistling of the wind across the long, green grass. 

A funny smell awoke me from my thoughts. It was the smell of smoke!I looked up, the clouds were covered by a thick mass of smoke. I jolted up and went to see where it was coming from. It was coming from the direction of the town! I ran as fast as I could, racing towards the it. As I ran, I felt as if time stopped and things began to move in slow motion. The beautiful sound of the ocean and the wind were gone, and all I could hear was the sound of my heart pounding. The adrenaline cursed through my body and I ran faster than I ever had before. The once soft wind was now harsh and blew from behind me, propelling me faster. My feet bounced off the soft ground like I had springs in my shoes. After what seemed like a lifetime I finally reached the town, the smoke was coming from the school, my school. The school that I had played hooky from that same day. I watched as the old wooden school house slowly burned to the ground. Next to the school there were lines of all the school children, all being counted to make sure nobody was missing. I nervously looked through the crowd to see if all my friends were okay. Suddenly I heard someone cry, “Where is Mr. Belle?” I  felt as if I had melted. My once pounding heart slowed down and I felt like I couldn’t breathe. I just stood there amongst the chaos as everyone was frantically looking around and searching. I knew I had to help, but my  feet were firmly planted on the floor and I could not move them. Everything around me turned into a big blur and things started to spin. I felt myself slowly falling to the floor and felt the thud as my head hit the cold, hard concrete of the sidewalk. I could feel my consciousness slipping and now all I  could see was black. My name is Alice, Alice Belle and this day changed my life forever. 

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