Letter to Mom

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It's a letter in form of a poem, written by a girl to her mother. She used to hate her mother and hence she decided to leave her and go to hostel so that she would not get her mother's stupid lectures. But after spending two weeks in hostel, she comes to realize that how good she was under the shade of her mom. In this letter, she expresses her feelings and tells her mom that she regrets to the decision and wants to go back home......

Submitted: October 15, 2011

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Submitted: October 15, 2011



Letter to Mom

Hope you and papa are fine,

And like moon, happily you shine.

It’s been two weeks in the student lodging,

And this decision I regret for taking.

Being with you all, I was so happy,

I miss those days with you and daddy.

I thought that being away from you, frankly speaking,

I would be very happy as I wouldn’t get your stupid scolding.

I thought I would be like a free bird flying in sky,

Out of the cage, with full of colors and freedom, flying high.

But mother, I was totally wrong,

My mind was full of anger and hatred for long.

Mom, for that I apologize,

Because now everything I realize.

I never ever thought of the consequence,

I would be facing in your absence.

In this hostel my confreres are fiends,

They are like Satan, and are no friends.

On me, they play dirty dido,

Due to which far away I want to go.

I am tired of their caper,

For them I’m no more than a joker.

They plan conspiracies and antics,

Mom, I don’t know such politics.

They are all very rowdy,

And I suffer from their bully.

The matrons would be like guardians I thought,

But they are totally opposite, who I got.

They are over strict and pompous,

They are arrogant and are raucous.

Unnecessarily they criticize me every moment,

And also give painful punishment.

I stay alone in my small room,

Just like a solitary loon.

Even if I’ve something to share or want to ask my doubt,

Nobody’s there to listen and help me out.

You know I’ve phobia of darkness,

I sleep with lights on hence.

But the wardens put it off without even understanding,

And then give a lot of tongue-lashing.

From my eyes, tears roll down nightly,

But no one’s there to wipe them off lightly.

No more of it now I can bear,

I realize how good I was when to you I was near.

Now I came to know,

Why you used to scold me and guide me so.

It was done to correct me in order,

So that none points a finger at your daughter.

Sorry mom, I never understood you,

I want to come back home and live my whole life with you all too.

Bye and take care of yourself and papa as well,

And how you felt by reading this letter, to me you please tell.

I miss you and love you…

Yours faithfully, Nitu

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