Little Lizard

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We humans think that we are superior to the other beings. But it is not. Humans are destroying the nature and other living organisms. By seeing the attitude of humans towards animals, a lizard tries to convey a message that humans should stop misbehaving with other beings and should understand their responsibility.

Submitted: December 07, 2012

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Submitted: December 07, 2012



Little Lizard

I am a little lizard, a cold-blooded reptile,

At whom you never smile.

I am one of the living creatures created by the God

But the humans think as if they are the Lord.

I can’t speak but too have feelings,

When we see each other I only get to hear screechings.

So what if I am little? I do have right to live my life,

And dance on the tune of the fife.

For you, I am only a petty animal

But even my life is valuable.

I don’t understand why people can’t tolerate me?

Humans, please tell me your problem, that’s all I plea.

You should thank me for what I do,

Rather than telling me “shoo”.

I eat bugs and spiders which live at your place,

I make your place clean and still you don’t want to see my face.

I don’t have any shelter,

So I survive in hot, cold and pelter.

I am like an orphan and a solitary loon,

I cry while staring at the moon.

One day I went to a building called school,

And entered in a class but was treated like a fool.

By seeing me they started to throw stones, pouch and paper ball,

And the students were trying to make me fall.

People were laughing on this and making noise

But suddenly I heard one voice.

It was the voice of a girl in objection,

She shouted for my protection.

Pointing at me, she asked them “Why are you troubling that poor being?”

At this, I nodded my head agreeing.

They said “It is our right to do so.”

Hearing this, I cried “no!”

But unfortunately no one understood what I said,

And they carried on with their work of hitting my head.

Somehow from there I escaped,

Otherwise I could have been scraped.

Now seriously I am fed up, hurt and sad,

Humans, am I so bad?

I am treated like a pest,

And it’s not a jest.

I know you’ll understand my importance one day,

Then you will come to me and “sorry” you’ll say.

You should understand we all are same,

Only equality is all I claim.

We are friends of you

But you should love us too.

Let’s love one and another,

And live in this beautiful world forever together.

-Prusela Bhowmick 

© Copyright 2017 Prusela Bhowmick. All rights reserved.

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