Poem of Love

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What is Love?
This is what love is to me.....

Submitted: September 23, 2014

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Submitted: September 23, 2014




Love is the meeting of two souls

For love our life rolls


Sometimes it is excessive and sometimes it is mild

But true love is what a mother has for her child


Sometimes love is real and sometimes it's fake

But everyone is after this small cake


Love is emotion, love is magic

But at times it turns out to be a tragic


For some, love is making money

And for some, love is honey


For some, it is precious like gold

And which can be never old


Love is boundless, it has no end

It is what we can not buy or lend


Love can be for a person or thing

No one can avoid this diamond ring


Love is on earth, love is in air

Love is pure and is everywhere


This is the gift from the Supreme Lord

Be thankful for the love you are getting from God


- Prusela Bhowmick






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