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When you sit alone, you sit with your past....

Submitted: June 08, 2013

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Submitted: June 08, 2013




Sitting back in the rain and having coffee,

I go back to my childhood which was as good as toffee.

Those days were damn so good

And their memory changes my mood.


Full of colors, full of love

I used to be free and happy like a dove.

By holding parents' hands, I grew

And for me each day was new.


Filled with innocence, filled with joy

I spent most of my time with my favorite toy.

I didn't know what was good or bad,

Only I knew that i loved my mom and dad.


My dad carried me and my mom put me on her lap,

In appreciation of my good deeds they used to clap.

With everyone I used to be so close

And always used to wipe my running nose.


Those bygone days are really old

But its value is lot more than gold.

Now I am grown up and very busy

And my life is not that easy.


Full of tension, full of sadness

How can i get out of this loneliness?

Only tears roll down from my eyes nightly

But my parents aren't there to wipe them off lightly.


Only memories are left with me at last,

'Nostalgia, nostalgia' I say when I remember the past…..


- Prusela Bhowmick

© Copyright 2019 Prusela Bhowmick. All rights reserved.

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