Patrick's Dream

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My Odd Dream. One of Many.

Submitted: January 05, 2008

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Submitted: January 05, 2008



This is a recollection of Patrick Young's Dream
The Following events occured in his mind sometime between 8 am and 12:30 pm

Patrick has done something bad. He doesnt quite know what at this point but he has. He looks at his surroundings and sees three things that catch his eyes. A little league baseball game is going on to his right. The blue team is at bat against the white team. To his left lies a giant stage and beyond that an increasing line/wall of nuns dressed in blue robes. Patrick looks for a way to escape, to run away. A guard taht looks alot like his friend Kevin approaches him.
"Don't try it kid." he tells him.
Patrick turns away to see three other people next to him and a gathering crowd. The crowd is calling for their death. But it isn't that easy. A game will ensue. a game of life and death. Three people will live on. one will face the reaper.
In front of the three people and patrick appear mexican Hats. Instictively they start dancing ON the hats. Then the other three people sprint to the crowd and back. before Patrick realizes this must be done the game is over and he has lost. One of the men, who looks much like California's Governor is free to go.
Next game: The three remaining contestants stand still, surveying the crowd. A series of questions are shouted at them. Patrick is overwhelmed and cannot react with the proper answers. once again he has lost. The second man walks off the stage.

Patrick and an unfamiliar dark skinned kid remain. The third task is explained to them as tears appear in Patricks eyes. The fact that he was facing death upset him. They were told to take a break and patrick went off to sit on a bouncy ledge. He talks to and puts his arm around the girl he wants and they talk. Mostly they talk about water. For some odd reason. Then she asks a question.
"What if you lose?"
"I won't. I'm suppose to pop his helmet or something. But i have something he doesnt." Patrick pulls a pen and pencil from his pockets. "They're perfect."
Patrick releases his grip around her turquoise sweater as he is called down.
Patrick views the steps he must sprint up and lines up next to the annonymous dark skinned kid. They were off Patrick easily made his way up the steps and jumped towards the other kid. The paper machee helmets he was wearing was no match for Patrick's pen. Next Patrick jumped to the same bouncy ledge. Keeping in mind taht if he went on the wrong color he would lose, the game and his life.
Patrick was overjoyed when he was announced as the winner. He ran to his family and embraced them in his arms.
Then he saw what might've been. The dark skinned kid was crying with his family. Slowly he was lifted up onto a bouncy colorful slope and tied down. Patrick turned away, as he couldn't watch. Everything slowly faded to black for Patrick.
He woke up with a burst as his mom asked if he was ok.
"Yeah i'm fine. Holly crap it's noon."
Patrick went on to have a mediocre day filled with downloading music and pizza.

The End
Yeah i swear that was my dream. Honest.

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