The Cold Dark Heart (ceases to exist)

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He seeks that which does not exist but can only survive.

Submitted: March 15, 2008

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Submitted: March 15, 2008



The Cold Dark Heart
(ceases to exist)
I’m blinded by the good in a woman
Ignorant of her cold dark heart
The beast lies in the shadows
Waiting for me to fall once more

The lies wrap about my own tell tale signs

My own ignorance that hurts

Yet saves me from thy cold dark heart

No one said she was a heathen
No on said she had no soul
No on said I was a fool

Yet still I lie in the embrace of her cold dark heart

The tears never come
Halted by the truth

For if I ever succumbed to the inevitable dawn of hurt

I would pull the cord on my own charade

I tell a tale of her cold dark heart

Yet still I blind you of my own deadly sins

The lies I tell to myself are ones of selfish weakness and vulnerability

I cannot.

Will not bring myself to see her cold dark heart

The beating, rhythmic tune that keeps me in line

Maybe it is not the cold dark heart that I am trying to escape

But the cold dark heart that attracts me

Attracts me to the woman I love
But do not know

She is a mystery to me and everyone

Maybe even to her own cold dark heart

Maybe it itself does not know for whom it lives for

A shrouded battery in an empty capsule

The juices pumping like a poison of the mind

Constantly make the body do what thou shalt not do

The cold dark heart envelops

Takes the place of anything in its way which is below it in itself

Everything in its way will cease to exist no matter who the beholder

Old clich aside
The cold dark heart
A staple in romance

Its presence felt in the oddest of expected places

Looking into its depths

One will only find chasms of mazed emptiness

A cold dark mass
Hollow of the essence of life
I lied.
She is not a cold dark heart

But the want of mine and the warmth I desire

Even if she was a cold dark heart
I would not know
For you mask it all too well
I am an ordinary boy
In an ever-changing world
After and extraordinary woman

The actual existence of this so called cold dark heart

Contradicts itself within itself
For a cold dark hearts heat,

the very thing that runs and warms our lives cannot be cold

A cold dark heart cannot exist because a cold dark heart ceases to exist

An implosion of forbidden love and awkwardness

No one can see the cold dark heart

No one will conquer the cold dark heart

No one wants the cold dark heart

No one sees that your “cold dark heart” is not so

Because your heart I see
Your heart I will conquer
Your heart I want. Desire. Need.
Your heart is not a cold dark heart
It may not be a heart at all

For it souly personifies that which I covet most

It is the pit,

the beginning

But never The End.
Love never ends
The cold,

the dark

The dark,

the rejected

None matters to me
Because all I see is you
You and your lack
Of a cold. dark. heart.

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