The Lion Sparrow

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The Lion Sparrow searches for love.

Submitted: June 25, 2010

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Submitted: June 25, 2010



The Lion Sparrow


If the creatures dine

on Heart & Soul alike

then the Lion Sparrow is their Queen.


And the Great decree:

The greatest day of your life

will not be one of chance

or crowning achievement;

but the day someone makes you

their King, Queen, or Worthy Joker.


Lion Sparrow sat in sorrow

for a King she need.

So on the day called the morrow

her spirit shall be freed.


For on a journey she partake

with reigning happiness her sake,

the truth of love and world enamor

will be of Sparrow’s life create.


Through her story of I Want You

Lion Sparrow must find

the wonderful cave of all you need

with Pure Imagination the bind

of all seven walls and all the crystal

meant to fill the mind.


Past hill and tree

she come to a T

where Destiny’s path divide.


Choose left or right?

She lay confused

and in dead damp grass Love found her muse.


The roses whispered Oh Sweet Sparrow:

Do not salt your face

for thirst tears do not whet.


A larger purpose do they have,

to unite the world tonight


Now Lion Sparrow peers ahead at a world once bored

and scrambles in delight


for the Cave of Pure Imagination

now lay in sight.


This comes with revelation that disappoint:

The Lion Sparrow finds only more sorrow.

For in all her life she dreamt

that love unite the world,

but only tears show we all break the same.

Lion Sparrow broke


and out of the cave come comfort

as Tiger Rose approach.

His shoulder she lean and a whisper emit:

You’ll be the Queen and if you shall cry I will be your Worthy Joker.

You’ll be the Queen and if you shall cry I would be your King.


Now in the days of happiness

celebration ensue

and the cave once dark remains bright

In the days of I Love You.

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