Forbidden Love: I May Not Have Much, But I Have You

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This is short love story about a boy that had it easy in life and a girl that comes from the ghetto. It shows how appearances can be deceiving, and by that, the two fell in love. It took Palesa a while to notice that, he was different, but the day that she accepted it, it changed her very perception on love.

Submitted: June 10, 2014

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Submitted: June 10, 2014



This is a sad story about a boy called Molly and a girl called Palesa. I hope you enjoy it.

Molly was a class clown, rich, popular and was the real definition of a \"cheese boy\", he had easy in life. His father was a famous musician, and he was filthy rich. Palesa lived with her mother, and they barely had enough to get by. She didn't have any fancy clothes, or lived in a fancy house. She was not that poor but not really rich enough to be considered as \"cool\" by the rich kids.

Her mother was late on rent, school fees, owed almost every neighbor in her sphere of contact and got retrenched from her work. She hid herself most of the days, because she was afraid of the humiliation. Even Palesa had to come home very late to avoid the embarrassment from their neighbors.

It was Monday Mid-day, Palesa was called into the principals office, and there she found Molly sitting on the waiting bench. She was very kind to him, but he had so much pride that he didn't even say a mere \"hi\" to her. She asked him, \"Why are you here?\", and he blew her off. The principal called her in, and they devised a plan for her to pay back all the months that she was owing. The plan was solid too, but Palesa knew that her mother didn't have cent to her name.

She went out of the principals office, her eyes were teary, and Molly saw a \"hit and run\" prospect, he went to her, and she was very receptive towards him. He managed to calm her down, but on their way out, he saw his clique, and rushed back in, on his way back to the office, he rubbed against Palesa and her financial paper fell. The wind blew the paper to Molly's friend Mike and the bastard embarrassed the poor girl in public. He insulted her and made fun of her financial situation, and she was the laughing stock of the day.

Molly intervened and defended her. Palesa ran to the ladies room with tears all over her face, she bunked a couple of classes, she was simply too embarrassed to be seen in public. She lost her finance paper, and she was in deep stress on how to pay back the money. Molly took the paper from his friend and took it to her. He called out to her but she didn't respond. He went all over the school looking for her but he couldn't find her and the only place that he didn't look in was the girls toilet.

He went there, looked around and no one was outside as most students were in class. He went inside, called out to her, and she still didn't respond. All the doors were opened expect for one door that was at the corner. He knocked and no one responded, \"Hey, Palesa, please open the door, I am sorry for the way that my friends treated you\", after 15 minutes or so.. She opened up. She took the paper and told him thank you. In some way, she blamed him for everything, she thought he had it all planned out.

Everyone knew Molly as a douchebag, and he didn't do anything to prove them otherwise. He enjoyed all the attention that he was getting, girls loved him. Guys loved him. And well, his clique worshiped him. Palesa didn't think of him any differently, she thought that this was still part of his prank. She went home thereafter.

Palesa's mother was very sick, she was suffering from HIV/AIDS, and she would have been stable had she got rid of her pride to go fetch pills at a nearby clinic. Palesa was now a mother to her little sisters, Dimpho and Lebogang, and she had to quit school to support these kids.

Molly was never the same since that day, he got rid of his friends, and sought out to look for Palesa, but she left school and never came back. Molly asked around and shockingly, nobody knew her, but this girl called Mandisa, he asked for her numbers but they didn't work.. He went there the next day and she gave him her home address.

The directions were inaccurate, and so he went to Mamelodi to look for her and he couldn't find her. He asked around and by fortune he met a girl called Gugu, Palesa's cousin. She gave him the accurate address and he went there. He knocked a couple of times but no one answered, and knocked again and it was still quiet.

He heard someone coughing dreadfully, he entered the house and found Palesa's mom lying on the couch dying. She had pale white lips. He called out to Palesa but she was not in her room, he called out for an ambulance and it came too late.

Palesa saw a lot of ambulance vehicles in her street, she came rushing to see what happened, and there she began to cringe and stutter as she was glancing at her own mother, on a stretcher. She lost it and cried like a mad woman. Molly came to comfort her and she lost it even more, she hated him for what she thinks he did at school. She cussed him, insulted him in public and embarrassed him the way that his friends did her.

While most in this position would leave, he stood behind and hugged her. She tried to fight her way out of it but she eventually gave in as the thought of her dead mother began to cave in. She cried while hugging him, and they made a moment of it. He was very comforting to her, and she appreciated the fact that he didn't leave.

A week later they buried her mother, and there was chaos within her family, her aunts took her mothers belongings, and they left and her and sisters there in an empty house. They thought that the children also had AIDS and so they left them there.

Molly took them in, and they lived with him. Molly's father was always away on tour and Molly practically lived alone. They settled there for some time. Molly took money out of his trust fund and paid for Palesa and sisters school fees.

Molly fell for Palesa, but she wasn't interested in him. She was into those nerdy types and Molly didn't fit the profile. She honestly didn't see that Molly was in love with her, she thought that he was into those rich-girl prima donna types, those superficial types that think that money comes from trees, but he was shockingly irritated by them. Appearances can be deceiving and in this story, it is shown on various occasions.

Molly thought that Palesa would fall on his lap because he had money, but she understood that money isn't everything, and made it really hard for him to settle in her heart. She would cry from time to time, bowing down to God to thank Him for the blessing that He sent in Molly, and the financial support that He kept giving them.

Molly started spending more time with Palesa, even at school, he chilled with her and her friend Mandisa. But Palesa got irritated by this, she felt as if Molly was trying to own her. He became a bit too clingy and so she kept her distance from him. He now had no friend, no clique but a couple of people he knew. He was lonely and missed his crazy \"gorilla squad\" crew, and they missed him. It was like a Kingdom without a King, but he knew that if he went there, they wouldn't approve of Palesa, and so he kept his distance.

A couple of months went by, a new student was admitted to the school, Molly's ex, Nomusa or Musa for short came to study in our school, she was smart, sexy, fun, loud, wild and crazy. She was the definition of a \"girl-gone-wild\", pretty much everything that Palesa wasn't. Musa was still in love with Molly, but he was not that into her. But due to him being lonely and Palesa ignoring him, he decided to give it another go.

They kept it under reps, and nobody knew about it, until Molly and Musa were caught making love in the school's toilet, they were suspended for three weeks. Musa and her mother fought about it and she left her house, and came to live with her boyfriend Molly. There she found Palesa and her sisters, she lost it and thought that Molly was having an affair. She cussed her in front of her sisters, she called her a \"bitch\", \"Whore\", \"Slut\" and every other word that I can not mention.

Palesa was offended by this, she packed her bags and left. Molly came a few hours later and found Musa on his bed. He was surprised to find her there. He called out to Palesa's little sister Lebogang, to give her a doll that he bought, but she didn't reply. He went to Palesa's room and there was nobody there. Molly now went out on a goose-chase looking for her. She thought that Molly wanted her to move out and he couldn't face her and tell her straight-up. She still thought less of him.

She went to her cousin Gugu's house, she had to beg for some time because her cousins mother was still stereotypical about her HIV status, and the fact that she lost a lot of weight since she moved in with Molly didn't help at all. The mood was always hostile, they were treated like victims, they were left out on most things. Molly went all over looking for her, and he finally saw Gugu throwing away some garage. He stopped his car and ran to her, and she was very rude to him. She heard Palesa's version of the story. She then told him that she was inside her house. He went in and knocked. Palesa went out to see him, and the sight of him crying was enough for her to reconsider moving back with him.

He finally got it through her head that he loves her and he can't live without her, and she was convinced that this was the truth. They took a walk and bonded for some time, they shared a passionate kiss and Palesa did exactly as her mother told her, \"When you find the one, your flesh will snicker\", and this happened when they kissed. She was then sure that Molly was the \"one\", they went back to her cousins house for her to pack.

Molly left his phone inside the house as he went to the toilet outside. Palesa saw 18 missed calls from Musa, she was mad furious, and she lost it too. She sent him away and asked him to never come back again. Molly tried to beg her to forgive him but she didn't want to hear of it. Musa's mother heard a racket and came to resolve the brawl.

Molly was shocked to see Marley, Musa's mother, his former maid. Marley did not like Molly at all, she saw him as a spoiled brat, a lad that had no respect for the elderly, which she was true. He behaved like a brat growing up, he made life for the maid impossible. But he grew up, Marley still saw the ungrateful brat she fed as a child.

Marley hurled Molly out of her house and warned him to never come back or she would file for a restraining order. Molly left, and got home to a furious Musa, the two got into a fight. During the fight Palesa called Molly to apologize for her aunts behavior, but Molly didn't hear it.

They broke up and Musa left. Molly tried calling Palesa back but she didn't answer her phone. Marley took Palesa's phone after she saw her calling Molly, she confiscated it. Molly then went there the next day, and found Marley at the gate talking to her friend. Marley saw him and went berserk, she picked up some stones and threw them at his car. She cracked his wind screen, and Molly didn't take too kindly of this. He got out of the car furious, Palesa saw this and came out rushing, she stopped him from hitting her aunt.

Palesa convinced Molly to leave, but Molly didn't want to leave without her. As the two were talking, Marley went into her house and packed all her bags and threw them out. Palesa began crying, she took her bags and left with Molly. They went back to his house and made love that night, Palesa was still a virgin and she managed to lose her virginity to a man that loved her.

Marley called Molly's father, Mfundo Mahlangu, and he was ridiculed by this. He came back home and found his son making love to the maids relative. He cussed her and sent her away. Molly lost it and slapped his father, the two began to fight.. Palesa tried to resolve it, and she prevailed. When the air was Still, her father threw a bottle at Palesa, Molly quickly jumped in front of it and it damaged his face. He was in the hospital for three weeks.

Palesa went to see him everyday, she slept at the hospital benches. Mfundo was irritated by this, he went to her and told her to leave. He told her that she was bad for him, that he has not been attending school since they met. He managed to get into her head, and saw this as a legitimate request and so she left. By the time that Molly woke up she had already left. She left a letter, entitled, \"I May Not Have Much, But I Had You\", Molly read it and cried rivers of running waters.

He got out of his bed, and sneaked out of the hospital, he was in serious pain but he still pushed on. He walked for some distance, with bandages all over his face. He then saw Palesa across the road, he tried to go to her but a stray car come from the east and crashed into him. He broke both his legs, shockingly, he was still pushing on. He reached out with his hands and Palesa came held on to those open palms.

The stray car was driven by Marley, and she intended on killing him. But he was still alive. He spend months at the hospital, and Palesa stood there with him. She held on to his hand everyday. The too created a special bond that no barrier could mar.

Months flew by, Molly recovered. They were so in love that they made many married couples envy them. They went back to school, and both passed their matric with flying colors. Molly is now a rapper for a big recording company, and Palesa is now studying to become a counselor.

They are still together to this day. Happily in love.

The morale of this story is: If you truly someone, nothing in this world can come between that. They always say that don't judge a book by its cover, and I agree. Appearances can be really deceiving, Molly appeared to be a brat but he actually had a good heart, he just had bad friends. Palesa had to learn the hard way that a girl like her can also be loved the \"rich and popular\". Don't let anything ruin what you have going.

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