Tragic Story: Gone Too Soon

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This is a story that shows how looks can be deceiving. Philip chose to believe his eyes than actual reality. It shows how things can get out of hand if people fail to communicate.

Submitted: June 08, 2014

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Submitted: June 08, 2014



It was early saturday morning, my friend Philip came over my house, \"Let's go get faded\" he shouted as he entered the gate. He had so much zeal for life within him, he cared so much for other people that he eventually forgot to care for himself.

He was an honest friend, he was so true and real, he would rather give his last cent to a poor kid in school than to go buy food for himself. He was very wise and he gave me advise, it is sad how the person with the most wisdom finds it harder to apply the advise in his own life.

He was dating this girl called Mpho, she was smart, wild, loud, and she was into the \"fast life\", and Philip on the other hand was the exact opposite. Mpho wasn't good enough for him, but he always thought that he was good enough for her. She thought so too. Mpho was a flirt, especially when she was drunk.

Philip came and knocked on my window, I couldn't exactly open up, simply because I had a guest over.. He knocked for some time. And so he tried to call his girl as I was about to open up. He heard her ringtone coming out of my room. He lost his mind, he began shouting, \"I thought you were a real friend to me, I don't ever wanna see your betraying ass ever again. As for Mpho, you can take her.. She never deserved me anyway\", he left afterwards.

I opened up and found a multitude of neighbors gazing at betrayal that I made to my friend. I ran to him and apologized, he didn't want to hear and so he knocked me out with a punch and told me to stay away. I went back home, I tried to call him and explain everything to him what happened.

Mpho called me last night, apparently she is pregnant with Philip's child. She lived with her stepmother, Lizzie. She tossed her out when she saw Mpho vomiting endlessly, so Mpho had no place to stay. She called her boyfriend Philip, but his phone was stolen the very same day. She couldn't go to his house because Philip's family didn't really like her, especially his sister. So Mpho came and spent the night at my house, I slept on the floor and she slept on the bed.

The whole thing was blown out of proportion, and it began to bloom as the hours went on. The plot began to thicken as he discovered more things that weren't there, he began to question our friendship.

I went to his house and I found that he went to some house party, the hostility from his sister alone was enough to take a fish out of the sea. She almost spat on me. I explained everything to her, she didn't believe me but at the back of her head she knew that I was telling the truth.

I went to that house party. I found him chilling with my girlfriend. She was delighted to see me, and so I figured that he didn't say anything. I went to Philip, he was still mad, and so he blackmailed me to not bother him or he will tell my girl. And so I kept my distance. I couldn't enjoy the party at all, the only thing that lingered in my mind was Philip.

Philip sat across the room with a couple of gang members, Mash and Mindlos, by the way that they were looking at me, I knew that they planned to hurt me somehow. They were like a lion on a prowl.

A few minutes later Mpho came to that party, she went to him but Mindlos' insulted her and sent her away. Woe'd by her tears, Philip ran to her and find out why she did what she did. She told him the truth but he wouldn't listen. He was still convinced that she was lying, and this made him more mad and so he slapped her.

Personally, I don't like it when people hit women, so I ran out to stop him. He lost his mind, in his head, he thought that I was defending Mpho. As my girl Nomfundo saw us lashing at each other, she rushed out and tried to solve the problem. Philip began shouting, \"He slept with Mpho\", Nomfundo went crazy and slapped me. I begged her hard but she wouldn't hear it. I ran to her and begged her even more. Tears were falling from my eyes like a waterfall.

She stayed behind, because she called me last night and it was pretty late. There were no signs of some unwanted activities. She also begged me to talk to Philip. And so I went back, I found Philip slapping Mpho again. I stopped him, he slapped me in front of my girlfriend.

I returned the favor and slapped him back. We fought for a while, up until Mindlos and Mash joined the fight and ganged up on me. I lost all control and the energy. Philip left the fight and went to my girl. Under duress he kissed her, she slapped him, and he slapped her back.

She left thereafter. The constant stomping of legs on my ribs were hard to endure.. Mindlos was mad that I got my girl first, he had a huge crush on her. To him it was personal.

I was an hour away from death, the boys carried on beating me up. I frequently felt bottles breaking on my head. Seeing my pain, Philip begged them to stop but they didn't listen. And so Philip began beating up Mindlos, and he was winning too.

Mindlos was badly bruised and he was lying down in pain. Philip started fighting with Mash, and he won that battle too. But as he finished beating up Mash, Mindlos stood up and took out his gun, he shot a bullet at me and missed his first shot. Philip rushed to take the gun from him, Mindlos then shot Philip in the stomach.

Long story short, Philip died and I managed to live. Mpho gave birth to a baby boy called Philip Jr. And as for my girl, we are happy together and we will hopefully be that way forever.

Appreciate what you have. Appearances can be deceiving. If Philip took the time to understand everything, none of this would have happened.

RIP to Philip Jonas Mahlangu, 22-03-13.

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