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zombies.. fun and a thriller.. suspensful... hope you enjoy!!!!!

Submitted: December 01, 2011

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Submitted: December 01, 2011




Till Death Do Us Part

I turn over in bed and try to stay asleep. I am having the most amazing dream ever. It involves a Victoria’s Secret model and me. That’s all you need to know. I give up on the idea of trying to stay asleep because as everyone knows: you always wake up during the most terrific dream ever. I give up on the idea of trying to slip back into my dream, and reach over to kiss my beautiful and wonderful wife. I wait for the expected morning rejection of a loving kiss due to the smell of my putrid breath. I am startled because the rejection is not there. I open my eyes and see that my wife is not there lying beside me. Strange.

I hear things moving in the kitchen. I hear the sound of the stove going and the opening of drawers. Something strange is really happening now because my wife is making breakfast. She only makes breakfast on two occasions: our anniversary or my birthday and it wasn’t either on of them today. It was probably the kids. I slipped out of bed and put on a blue robe and some black slippers.  I shuffled over to the bathroom to take care of the usual “ morning business” I tried to turn the door handle but it was locked. I knocked on the door. “ Babe, I’m in here! I’m almost done though!” What?!?  “Why do I hear things going on in the kitchen then?”, I asked.  “ Oh, its probably just the kitchen thief looking for a new set of knives.”, she replied. “ Ha-ha,  I’m just joking! I left some coffee boiling for you sweetie!” Then why did I hear some one rummaging through the kitchen drawers?!? I guess it was just my imagination…

My wife Kristine opened the bathroom door and she walked into the bedroom. I was about to walk into the bedroom when I happened to look at my wife’s neck. She had a weird bite mark on her neck! “ Hey, what happened to your neck?!?” I asked. “ I don’t know. That’s why I was in the bathroom for so long. It was really irritating  and it was starting to get really red. I put some rubbing alcohol on it, so I should be fine. Don’t worry about it babe!” She giggled and gave me the most amazing smile.  How could a loser of a guy come up on such a wonderful wife? “ I’ll go get your coffee. I’ll be back in a second.” She is about to leave the bedroom but the she turns and walks to me. “ I almost forgot…” and then she wraps her arms around my neck. She stares into my eyes and smiles. Then, she kisses me sweetly and softly. I take a deep breath and take in the moment. Classic: a simple “I love you” through the form of a kiss. She turns and walks out of the room to the kitchen.

I turned on the TV to watch the news. ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE CONTINUES BEYOND THE GUARDED WALLS. The zombie apocalypse had been going on for several weeks. It had started with a virus from a rare spider: the brown recluse spider. It had bitten a little girl and the infection spread from her. Those lucky enough to survive the hordes of zombies were allowed entry into the Guarded Walls prior to a Anti-Zombie medical exam  checking for the infection. The Guarded Walls were heavily guarded with heavy gun power and shields. The Guarded Walls was a zombie free area.

I turned off the TV and was so grateful that my wife and I were granted entry into Guarded Walls I reached down to scratch my leg. The gun I had holstered there really made me itch.  The .380 Auto was worth the itch though because it was protection for me, my son and my wife. I was really beginning to worry, though. My wife still hadn’t returned with the coffee she promised. Besides that, there was a lot of noise in the kitchen. Another thing worried me. I couldn’t hear  Kevin’s TV. Every Saturday Kevin would wake-up to watch this Saturday Morning Cartoons. I would hear them laugh and jumping around in the bedroom across from mine. I walked out of the room to see what was going on .I walked over to the kitchen to see what was taking Kristine  so long with my coffee.  Kristine wasn’t in the kitchen. She was probably in the kids’ room. I walked over to the kids’ room and knocked on the door.” What are you guys up to? Watching cartoons?” No response. My heart was racing and my palms started to sweat. Something was up. I opened the door and walked in…

My breath was taken from me. I dropped to my knees and screamed at the top of my lungs. “WHY!!!!!! WHY! OH GOD!!!! OH GOD!!!!” it was the most horrible thing that can ever happen. The walls were usually a plain boring white.  Now they splattered with blood. I walked over to my son’s bed. He looked so sweet. You would have believed he was fast asleep and enjoying a nice dream. He was covered with his Spiderman covers. I pulled them back and gagged. All that was there was his torso. His legs and his arms had been torn from his body.  His guts were spilling out of him.  I heard a creaking of a door behind me. I turned to look.

The wife I once knew was know gone. The thing that I saw hiding behind my son’s bedroom door was not my wife.  It cried tears of blood, but they were not sorrowful. Neither were they of anger or hatred. This thing that was once my wife had no sense of thought or meaning.  I reached down to my handgun and pointed it at this thing. The woman who had made my beautiful son now was the cause of the loss of my pride and joy. The loss of the love I could give to my son that my father never gave me. It took away my ability to make his every fear disappear and all his wishes come true. I was no longer up on a pedestal of greatness. I was no longer the inspiration for my son to make something of his life and become a man.

I pulled the trigger. I heard the gun shot, felt the debris of blood splatter on my face, and watched the bullet go through its forehead and out the back. I felt no satisfaction. Know not only was my son gone, but also my beautiful wife. The one that I had cared for my whole entire life. The woman who helped me through the tough times. The one that lifted my spirits when all hope was gone.  The girl who gave me my first kiss . The woman that I had loved.

I know longer had meaning in life. I lost everything. The cause of my wife’s transformation from woman to zombie crossed the bedroom floor. The brown recluse spider, it looked so majestic and powerful. That’s the last think I saw before I turned the gun to me and pulled the trigger.

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