The Secret They Kept

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I am toying with the idea of writing a story composed of a bunch of short snip-its that follow one after the other. This would be the first one. If you enjoy it and have an idea of what i should name the two main characters i'd love to hear it, if you hate it and think this is a terrible idea please say so, I am still not sure if it is worth doing. My other short story Just One Night would be a part of this work somewhere down the line.

Submitted: March 27, 2014

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Submitted: March 27, 2014



The night had been relatively uneventful.  The group of friends were all sitting around a table chatting, letting the time tick by.  They only half paid attention to what was going on.  Supposedly they were at a dance, but was more of a weekly get-together that happened to have music.  

The group had gathered in a large two room lounge, one room had loud music and flashing lights, the other held food and couches.  There were close to fifty people there; all dressed up, suit and gown.  It was supposed to be a semi-formal dance for the freshman, but events never turned out that way.  

The group that attended was the same group that attended every event.  If you stopped to watch, and I mean really watch, you would find that this group was different then most.  The thing that set them apart was they were close friends; all fifty of them.  The group sitting at the couches slowly changed, a person or two leaving to dance and others coming to sit and chat.  Each was greeted with cheerful chatter and a smile; welcomed into the conversation as if they had been there the whole time.

But this is not the story of a group of fifty unusually close friends; this is the story of just two.  Our story starts here with a young man and a young women, neither realizing the story they would tell.  From this night on, their stories would be intertwined.

* * *

“This music sucks, she shouldn’t be allowed make the playlist.”  When the young man said she, everyone knew who he meant.  He was talking about their boss, the hall director of the dorm they all lived in.

“Yea, there have been a couple good songs though.”  The young woman’s reply was echoed by the rest of the group.  She had a point, there had been like three good songs so far, not that that was a particularly good record, but it was something.

“I bet they will play ‘The Song’ at some point tonight.”  ‘The Song’ was what they called whichever song happened to be the most popular at the time.  “Even with her bad taste in music she can’t skip it.”  Everyone knew it and most could sing along.  It was good, a bit overplayed, but still good.  Not ten minutes later it was played.

The young woman jumped off the couch.  “Come on, let’s dance,” grabbing the young man’s hand she pulled him from the couch.  He went along without complaint, the he enjoyed dancing.  Real dancing of course, not that jumping up and down crap people called dancing these days.

The pair walked onto the dance floor, it was a slower song so most of the people had paired up with their significant other.  Those who knew how to waltz did, the others simply swayed to the music.  It wasn’t really a waltz song, but being the first slower song, everyone made it work.  “Do you know how to waltz?” She asked.

“Of course I do, what do you expect?” He pulled her in and started to dance.

“I wasn’t sure.”  She seemed genuinely surprised.  As they danced a quiet fell over them.  The pair had swing danced not an hour ago, but this was different.  It was like the world around them faded away; they were the only people on the dance floor.  He had never realized just how beautiful she was.  Dancing with her seemed right; like she was meant to be his partner.

The song ended all too fast, suddenly they were just two people on the dance floor again.  The normal ruckus resumed as the next song came on and the moment was over.  If it weren't for the lingering warmth, the young man would have thought nothing more of their dance.  There they parted ways with nothing more than a hesitant smile.

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